Conflict Relationships

An Analysis of the Relationship Between President Obama and the American People

From Norma Jo Carpenter

How Obama is funding the anti-Trump resistance

Americans recognize Barak Obama policies are not effective, thus the reason for his soaring disapproval rating; however, Americans are failing to look deeper and see the motives behind his policies. The decisions and programs he is in favor of, such as the notorious Health Care Bill, have given government more power and control, resulting in a bigger government not a better America. The financial ruin this nation is experiencing is arguably the obvious byproduct of many of Obama’s financial decisions.

Dr. Ablow asserts Americans are in denial of our President’s and First Lady’s seemingly lack of love and appreciation for this country and their fellow Americans. Dr. Ablow has pen pointed the exact problem Americans have with the American people’s relationship with President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama. Americans are in denial that the American President and First Lady are not proud of this country and its accomplishments.

Like a child that has been maligned by its parents, America denies that this President rejects American values and American individuality. It hurts too much to think that parents would feel this way toward their child or that this American President feels this way about the people of America that he has promised to serve. Barak Obama believes American individuals lack potential, resulting in a very co-dependent relationship where Obama is the enabler and the American people have become very needy.

American individuals do not feel this same regard for their own individuality and/or uniqueness from their President Barak Obama or our First Lady. Instead, Americans are treated as a burden that requires the government’s hand to manage the people’s affairs. This may come from a sincere place, but is not the attitude of good leadership that nurtures, encourages, and teaches, as well as respects the beliefs and opinions of his/her people. Obama is like an angry, stern, defensive father reacting in fear rather than faith. It’s as if he has no belief that the child is capable of making a good choice, or that he [himself] could be wrong. He has made it obvious he believes his people are not competent of making any decisions concerning, themselves personally, their families, or their government.

Dr Ablow maintains that President Obama has given many speeches in which he is intensely hesitant concerning the issue of the United States, and Obama has depicted the America people and the United States as an unprincipled and unethical nation. According to Obama’s philosophy, this country has been involved in subjecting other nations too much ill will. This President has reiterated over and over that he expresses regret for America’s previous performance in the world.

This is a significant indication that Obama is indignant and resentful of the United States’ former role in world politics. He has repeatedly apologized for America to dignitaries all over the world. This dilemma the President has with America and her people denotes a lack of confidence in American values and integrity. This lack of support from America’s designated leader reveals a lack of respect and confidence in the people of this great nation. About the time of the election campaign, Michelle Obama claimed that for the first time in her adult existence she felt pride the United States.

Obama attended a church for many years, in which, the pastor has continually berated and condemned America and Americans. Obama’s children have been taught this negative propaganda for many years. Dr. Ablow observes this information is not random. These fact are meant to Intimidate and demean this wonderful nation. These details promote denial as a result of the harsh and substantial capacity to influence others to see the United States in a negative manner. The residents of this country struggle with the unavoidable assumption that they are disliked by our President and First Lady, and Americans resist the idea that the President does not like our homeland.

Dr. Ablow describes Obama as extremely skeptical of both large and small businesses. The exception is if these businesses are dominated by the federal government, and Obama can manipulate these businesses. Dr. Ablow, also, indicates President Obama is extremely reluctant to approve of small or large businesses and corporations in America. He believes these businesses should be under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Though the process of acquiring private businesses, Obama, also, wants to redistribute the wealth of this country. If Obama’s many policies succeed, such as, the bailout of the financial institutions and the Chrysler Corporation, he will be in command of many of this nations financial resources.

As a result of the recent political polls, it is obvious this is not the kind of philosophy most Americans believe in, or what people want for this country. According to the national gallop poll, Obama’s rating as of twenty-sixth of October is at a forty-nine percent disapproval. With the information gleaned from Dr. Ablow’s article and other reputable sources, many Americans will be enlightened and realize the genuine situation concerning Obama. People of this great United States are more intelligent than Barak Obama understands. As Americans become more aware of our responsibility to make sound political choices, they will not tolerate this type of leadership, nor will they continue to live in denial.


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