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The Concept of God and Belief Systems

From Vijay Nambiar

God is Love | For God’s Glory Alone Ministries

Beliefs are just beliefs and not realities. As there is a time gap between the processing of information received in our brain through any or all of our five sensory organs and our perceiving, the reality is that we will never be able to experience reality. Moreover, what mind perceives is perception and not reality in any case. Beliefs stem out from perceptions, often conditioned by external factors like the process of childhood nurturing, coaching, mentoring etc. In other words, beliefs are conditioned perceptions.

Brains of all living beings have too many limitations in perceiving anything even remotely close to its reality because of the inescapable disconnection brain has in processing information that is made available to it. When nature or nurture conditions our mind to believe something as real, we often take the easy path of unquestioned acceptance of the same. Not many of us venture out questioning the belief systems like that about God. The question here is not whether God really exists or not. The question actually is that are we, as conditioned living beings, willing to go beyond our beliefs? On our planet, there are people who kill in the name of God, take away legitimate freedoms of people and even persecute others, mostly to be in the good books of God. Religious fundamentalism and related terrorism are examples of these.

We have no clue about the way we came into being and the way we would cease to exist. Mind often seeks explanations even in anything unexplainable. It faces discomfiture when a palpable explanation is not available for something. This might have led our predecessors to introduce a concept called God, which was adequate to quell the discomfiture of inexplicability of our existence. Then that concept might have been given various hues and shapes by people who tried to explain it to others. Thus we have many Gods being followed by people world over, despite the claims of the oneness of God by almost all.

Being a person trained in and practicing counselling psychology, I often guide my believing clients to go to their religious places and pray to / worship God, especially because it can give those in emotional / mental distress the “strength” to tide over the problems (which again are the outcomes of perceptions, under normal circumstances). God is excellent in such and similar situations. But when God becomes the tool for hatred, betrayal, persecution, violence, greed, killing etc., there is a major problem.

Delusions are unfounded, unreasonable beliefs. Many people, tired after traveling on logical paths to find out the “realities” behind living and dying, and also to find out the mysteries of day-to-day life, tend to stop the exploration and retreat onto patches of beliefs and cling onto them almost endlessly. These patches are often dominated by people who seek supremacy over the others by playing the God-card or anointing of people as god-men. They spread their delusions among the gullible “followers” who then turn to be the carriers of distorted gods in them. Many from this section of people end up disturbing peace and prosperity of their fellow beings, again in the name of God.

Considering the huge limitations of human mind and the fact that reasoning out our existence and related struggle is essential to keep our common sense working well in the social living environment, the concept of God in its original form is logical and beautiful. But when one’s god becomes another one’s demon, people gun for each other.

A day will come soon when some people who can influence others will be able to show the courage to travel intellectually a bit beyond the distorted images of God and help people in overcoming the adverse effects of delusions such images spread in the minds of people. This may finally be able to prevent many a human tragedies, at personal, familial, organisational or social levels.

Vijay is a post graduate in Psychology, has a post graduate diploma in business administration, diploma in training and development (topped Organisational Behaviour paper of this course in the year of his passing) and post graduate diploma in counselling psychology. Worked in the senior management cadre of a large manufacturing company, as Vice President – Human Resources of a 4000 people, multi location IT enabled services (ITES) company and also as the Chief People Officer of a large multi-national diamond, gems and jewelry manufacturing and trading company. He has engineering, manufacturing, human resources, logistics, shipping, ITES, BPO, training and organisational behaviour backgrounds. He has provided organisational development services, human resource consultancy and behavioural training in a large number of organisations. He has also trained and mentored senior people from many organisations.

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God Bless you!

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