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What to Do to End a Marriage in the Philippines When Divorce Is Not an Option

From Lori Abela

Filipino Marriage Tradition

Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people who pledge to spend the rest of their lives together and care for each other. The day of their wedding is what most people, especially Filipina women, dream about. Despite a drop in rates of marriage, people in general are still marrying.

Till Death Do us Part (literally)

Not all weddings play out like fairytales, where boy meets girl (or vice versa), boy and girl fall in love, boy proposes, girl accepts, they have a magical wedding and live happily ever after. Apparently, that seems like the basis for the anti-divorce laws in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a long-standing association with Catholicism. It is taken very seriously and influences law making, like the illegality of divorce. Being a citizen of one of the very few countries that has outlawed divorce can be a bummer for Filipinos.

Oriental Attraction

The Philippines is an extremely populous country, with the population exceeding 100 million people. Its rich biodiversity and beautiful cities have made it a tourism hotspot. As a result a large number of people visit the Philippines every year, and a fair number falls for a native. Given the strong influence of the Catholicism in the country a large number of women get married, but also given the harshness of reality a lot of them are separated from their husbands although legally married. Dating a separated but legally married Filipina can be big conundrum. In fact, there are great risks of dating a woman in such a predicament because women who are not legally divorced and start another relationship with someone else can be charged with adultery, which is a nightmare to deal with.

No Way Out

So what does someone, who is a foreigner, do when we falls in love with the a Filipina and she happens to be one – of the very large number- of the women who are separated but not divorced? The rational answer would be to get the hell out of there before they jail you for adultery, but by this point the man in love is past all rational thought. Other ways to go about it are, get her out of the country with you, while this can be a challenge if she is still legally married. The best way to get rid of a sticky marriage is to have it voided by the process of annulment. Either a civil or church annulment can be sought, the latter being a little more hard to come by. In an annulment, the body announces that a proper marriage never happened and therefore does not exist. However, the catch is that civil annulment do not transform into annulment from the church.

Desperate for Annulment

There exists a few zany ways to get a proper annulment. The fist is pleading psychological incapacity, which is often joked as being the native version of irreconcilable differences. However, be prepared for the long process, multitude of court appearances and hefty fees. The other outrageous way is to convert to Islam, as Muslims are allowed to divorce under the provisions of the Muslim Personal Law.

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