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Where to Find Your Asian Girl: Part 1 of 2

From Lori Abela

Beautiful Chinese Woman In Traditional Chinese Clothing …

Asian women tend to be better at dealing with multiple priorities without missing a beat, perhaps because – as conditioned by their family-oriented culture – they need to be dutiful daughters while performing other roles outside the household. Given these qualities, you may be wondering how and where to find your Asian girl. In fact, the “how” is easy if you know the “where.”

There are two broad categories of where to find eligible Asian bachelorettes: the actual places of ethnic convergence, and increasingly, its virtual and online counterpart. Let us first take a look at plausible places where you can find beautiful Asian women.

In Real Estate as in Love, It’s Location, Location, Location

Like any other ethnic group, Asian women do not forget home: they bring it with them. This is true on various levels. Immigrants – whether original settlers or the third-generation kind – always find ways to be with the flock. Hence, it pays to know where to show up in order to find beautiful Asian women, inside and out.

    • Specialty food stores and ethnic restaurants mushroom in every corner in California, New York and Chicago. Incidentally, this is where the majority of immigrants and their families have found work. The process of how to find love is often through the Asian woman’s stomach. There’s nothing like food to remind her of home.
    • Catholic churches, Taoist temples, and Buddhist shrines are the best places to find beautiful Asian women who are also spiritual. Philippine women are predominantly Catholic, and they hardly miss Sunday mass. Indian women are devout Hindus; they have millions of deities they pray to. The majority of Chinese are Taoists and Buddhists. The rest of the Asian world is a curious mix of all three. Finding a soulmate in these places has an additional upside, if you are particularly religious. Often, the process of how to find love unfolds in places of worship, because of the inherent positive atmosphere in such locations.
    • Pockets of ethnic-based neighborhoods and immigrant communities abound. California has a huge population of organized Asian communities. The same can be said of New York and Chicago. Japantown, Chinatown and Koreatown can can be found in mega-urban centers. Consequently, where there are minority neighborhoods, there sure will be ethnic-based organizations. Ethnicity is obviously a mandatory membership requirement to get into these communities, so finding a soulmate in these places requires buddying up with a male Asian first. Then, you can rely on a “friend of a friend” approach on how to find the girl for you.
  • Karaoke bars are not without Asian patrons. Japanese (who originated the word karaoke for “empty orchestra”), Chinese, Korean and Philippine women have a clean sense of fun. They are particularly fond of romantic crooners, so be sure to practice with the microphone when you are trying to impress beautiful Asian women. Asian women are easy to woo with love songs that come from the heart.

Actual places where people meet up are certainly the most logical places for finding a soulmate, but with the world getting plugged in, you certainly would want to take advantage of virtual communities and make connections online.

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