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Where to Find Your Asian Girl: Part 2 of 2

From Lori Abela

Dating China Women

Sometimes, the question of where to find your Asian girl is a matter of knowing the right people, or getting into the right online dating sites or virtual communities. In this case, finding a soulmate could happen without you putting in a lot of legwork. Perhaps, a friend of a friend knows beautiful Asian women who are bachelorettes themselves. Perhaps – and even more doable in the digital age – how to find love is as simple as a click of a mouse.

Let us now take a closer look at communities – both virtual and physical – where Asian women are likely to be members of:

    • Language schools are an ideal place to start. You certainly cannot get into one of the classes as a student, but you definitely can be a part-time ESL instructor, if you are not already one. You can coach her the linguistic nuances of finding a soulmate, while she teaches you how to say those three important words in her native language.
    • Universities are another way to seek out beautiful Asian women with beautiful minds. These women are usually in graduate and post-graduate programs, so be prepared for some intellectual and professional competition. Asian women with higher formal education, like independent-thinking women anywhere else, are surprisingly modern; one would think their cultural backgrounds could only tie them down.
    • A huge number of Asians who have relocated to the West are skilled professionals because of the education they have completed. This kind of crowd could certainly use intelligent company. Hence, the best way of how to find love in this scenario is to scope them out in environments and industries where they outnumber local labor pool. Hospitals and clinics are vastly occupied by skilled Asians. It is not entirely a far-fetched idea to come for a consultation or an executive check-up.
    • What if you are a “netizen” who is more comfortable in the company of “Ruby on Rails” and “Java”? What if you are a believer of the” Oracle,” and worship the “Sun”? In this case, there are a lot of things you can do to entice Eve with an “Apple.” Being computer-savvy should score you higher points. Dating sites are all the rage on how to find love in this day and age, so why not put out a personal ad? Look for sties that focuses on multi-cultural dating, and has grouped eligible women according to ethnicity so there is no need to wade through the ocean of flag colors and creed.
    • Surely, you must know somebody from work with Asian ethnicity in his or her distant or recent past? Or perhaps an Asian neighbor? Be friends with these potential matchmakers, and your efforts will be rewarded. Finding a soulmate among beautiful Asian women is often a case of networking. Remember the “friend of a friend” approach.
    • How to find the girl for you is best done during their national holidays. The subtle way to start the “friend of a friend” ball rolling is during ethnic celebrations. Consulate events, Independence Day parades and ethnic or mixed Asian-American parties are decidedly hands down. Not only are these commemorative moments important occasions back in their home country, these are also opportunities for Asians to bond with their own people. Make sure to get invited by your Asian friends, neighbors or colleagues (many occasions like these are open to non-ethnics anyway) and put your best foot forward. Be attentive though, and respect their mores.
  • Transplants have a broad spectrum of ways of keeping in touch with one another. Print and electronic newsletters and media along the same lines are viable avenues to post personal ads if all else fails.

The communities that Asian women forge are one of the two major avenues on how to find love among beautiful Asian women who are wife material. Be sure to take advantage of them to get the most of your journey on how to find love.

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