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How to Overcome Self Doubt Sabotage

From Kellie DAndrea 

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Welcome to May.

It’s a new month and the start of Spring. Around you there should be pop of color -Especially if you are in my neck of the woods in the Northeast. We had a very crazy winter where it went from cold to warm, to raining to warm to cold and the cycle repeated itself.

For me, this time of year means reinvention and growth; A new energy that has the ability to catapult ideas into the next level in our businesses.

No matter where you are in your business or what you are focusing on right now, I think you will enjoy today’s post – How to Overcome Self Doubt Sabotage.

How many of you have wondered about your business? Worried about the ability to launch or move it to the next level, when maybe you don’t feel confident in yourself and your abilities?

Since this is something I have personal experience with, I wanted to share with you some of the tricks that help me work through it.

1) Don’t believe in the myth that you have to be super confident to be successful. That is not true, every business owner who has ever created a new strategy for his or her business took risks or tried something new, experienced fear and self-doubt. – It is part of being a business owner.

2) Redirect your energy on your customer. When self-doubt hits, it is easy to focus all your attention on yourself and your “mini – me” (you know that self-talk pointing out every flaw you have). By taking all that energy and pointing it away from you and towards your customer, you will move away from the negative and into the positive.

3) Remind yourself of your why. You got into business for a reason. You have a deep connection and passion for what you do, remind yourself of what you wanted to achieve. You knew you could do it then, convince yourself you can do it now. You know you can!

4) Remember this “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Statistically the people who have succeeded have done so after failure, fear and doubt. Know that you are right around the corner from success and achieving your dreams, hang in there and forge ahead.

5) Call your friends. I have a group of “realist” that set me straight every time I doubt in my own abilities or that I am scared to move ahead. These are the real friends who let you vent for a few seconds and either motivate you with an uplifting speech or kick you in the behind to get you moving.

Bottom line, self-doubt and fear will be your life long companions in business. If they weren’t you would never be challenged. A trick is to manage those moments and not to allow yourself to dwell on them. Get the energy off you and onto something productive, remind yourself what you can do this, you will do this and dammit, you will be great at it and surround yourself with a network that makes you feel strong.

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