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Never Be Outworked

From Terell John 

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Work Ethic. Two words that can shape an athletic career. Two simple words but yet there is so much that goes into these words. All the blood, sweat and tears that go into these words. These words can define your character and take those who are simply good and push them to great. If you are serious about becoming elite in whatever it is you want to do in life. Then you need to seriously understand these two words. You need to understand the immense competition there is out there and how step of a climb it is to get to such an elite level. One does not have time to rest because while you are resting someone else out there in the world is working. Let’s take the sport of basketball for example. Basketball is an international sport and is played 365 days a year in some of the most remote places on earth. So while it might be 2 or 3 o clock in the morning in a small town in Kansas someone in Italy is now waking up. They set their alarm two hours early so they can get up and put in work on the court before class starts. If you are serious about becoming elite in life then you need to obtain a laser like focus and develop the mindset that you cannot and will not be outworked. Find ways to constantly get better everyday and in everyday.

I read an article about LeBron James when he was growing up a couple years back and those around him marveled at just how brilliant his mind was. They kept on referring to it as sponge like meaning he would constantly be absorbing things and learning. You could show LeBron a move and almost instantly he would be able to perfect it as if he had been doing it for years. Find new ways for improvement, always be hungry for more, learn from those around you and never got out worked. Always know that there is someone out there trying to out work you and even when you might be the best at what you do in your area. Know that there is someone out there who is just as good as you so what are you going to do to separate yourself from them. The only thing can can possibly separate one from an identical peer is found in ones mentality and work ethic. So do not let that be what bring you back to the pack.

This week’s fuel for your fire.


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