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Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection- ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1366643919

Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection includes forty outstanding creation-themed poems by various authors. This anthology seeks to remind us that all of creation is a remarkable gift from God. Poetry authors include Bear Jack Gebhardt, Cheryl Hoffman, Christine V. Mitchell, Connie Marcum Wong, Daniel Turner, Danny P. Barbare, David Subacchi, E.A. Francis, Eve Roper,…

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The Return of Uthman Danfodio: 979-8555455567

Nigeria is boiling in 2021 but is this coming as a surprise? The secret war against Nigerians by one singular group (Fulani Herdsmen) has been cooking for so long. What has the government been complicit? Why is the tension getting severe and there is a sense of inevitability to the country’s doom among its citizens?…

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Cry of the MiddleBelt: 979-8555971449

Finally, the book is here. The controversy surrounding the identity “the middle belt” is long overdue. Why is it significant we make this identity official? Some claim that it does not exist and what exist is the “North central” geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Contrary to this, the middle belt existed ever since before the Nigerian…

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What Is the Equine Herpes Virus?

From Lisa J Davies  Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) has reared its ugly head again. There are two confirmed cases of EHV in Somerset, UK; which have caused events to be cancelled as horse owners batten down the hatches and confine their horses to their yards, in an attempt to thwart the disease. What is EHV?…

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The Truth About Equine Hoof Abscesses

From Patricia Morgan Wagner  It’s commonly believed that horizontal cracks appearing in the hoof wall are caused by injuries at the hairline (coronary ridge) that is growing out. However, a crack or rather split in the wall that develops as a result of trauma at the hairline will typically be “vertical” and nearly always becomes…

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Feeding Straw To Horses

From Lisa J Davies  We Brits are quite used to bad weather. Our country is famous for it. But the weather in the past few years has been exceptionally wet and cold. Grass has suffered particularly badly. I recently heard one lady say that she has never seen her land so boggy in the twenty…

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Top 10 Horse Movies

From Kelly J Stutzman  1. Wild Hearts can’t be Broken – A touching story about the strong bond between an orphan girl and her diving horse Lightning. Filmed in 1991, this movie is based on events in Sonora’s life. Even after becoming blind in a diving accident, she defied all odds and continued being a…

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Emerging Roles of a Horse Trainer

From Allison Roves  With the growing popularity of equestrian sports and horse riding, the role of a horse trainer has emerged much beyond just training and preparing a horse for a particular competition. Currently, horse training has become a specialized vehicle within the equine industry so much so that various horse-training courses have been tailored…

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