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How to Read the Bible – 5 Steps

From Marco A. Bomfoco  The two fundamental pillars of Western culture are the Bible and the Greek philosophy. The Bible is the best-selling book in the world. There are several reasons why we should read the Bible. The Bible gives us discernment, it makes us much wiser. It builds our relationship with God. The Bible…

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15 Phrases Contributed by William Shakespeare

From Harrington A Lackey  Throughout the wide literary world, William Shakespeare is known as the greatest writer in the English language. Compared to many other well-known writers, Shakespeare’s life is shrouded in mystery. Yet his plays and other works provide a lot of insight into his literary creative talent. Little is known about his childhood,…

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Why Were Bibles So Scarce in Middle Age Europe?

From Harrington A Lackey  How could the Holy Bible – the most revered book, recognized the world over as the Word of God by devout Jews and Christians, have taken over 1000 years to reach the European people? Today, especially in the United States, Bibles are available in many places – from churches, libraries, and…

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Why Should I Use a Ghostwriter?

From Karen S Cole  People often don’t understand exactly why you should use the services of a professional ghostwriter. I’ll try to answer this question within this article, at least somewhat. These ideas come from my freelance writing experience, which I’ve had since before 1980. And my online affordable ghostwriting services business experience, as of…

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Art Rocks

From Galen Garwood  Back in the early fifties, at the age of nine, I decided that, unquestionably, I’d become an artist, even though I didn’t exactly know what that meant and the only painter I knew was my sweet grandmother. I clumsily professed my certainty to my mother one late afternoon. She smiled and nodded,…

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The Most Colossal Collection of Shakespeare Memorabilia

From Harrington A Lackey  The “Folger Shakespeare Library” houses the largest collection of literary sources and other items relating to William Shakespeare. Surely such a monument would exist only in England, London, or Stratford Upon Avon – the famous Bard’s home. No. It might surprise most people that this building is located in Washington DC,…

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South Africa’s Apartheid Policy of 1948

From Stephen Moore  In order to fully understand the rise of apartheid (Afrikaans: apartness) and its ensuing polices, it is necessary that the history of South Africa prior to 1948 first be comprehended. For many years this area, once known as the Boer Republic, had long been ruled by whites who had come from Europe.…

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Pyramids: The Upper Merkaba

From Deepayan Choudhury   Pyramids: The upper Merkaba Prologue: For hundreds of years, people were mesmerized by the gigantic architecture of Egypt known as pyramids. Lately, we came to know about recent discoveries about these ancient structures. We learned about its astrological and astronomical perspective, its metaphysical aspects, applied mathematics, connection to earth sciences, religious belief…

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A Part by Part Account of Orchha History

From Priyesh Nair  Under the British Raj, the Indian Subcontinent was divided into several Vassal states which were also called as Princely States. Although these states had their own native rulers or kings, they were under the subsidiary alliance with the British Raj. Orchha State was one such princely state under the Bundelkhand Agency of…

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