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Starlight and Echo – A Reincarnation Comparison

From Nedda Wittels  Is Reincarnation Real? For some, no proof is possible. For others, a “knowing” is all they need. In 2005, my horse friend, Echo, extended some of her consciousness into a kitten body. She told me ahead of time that she was coming to be a cat with me. On the day the…

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A Love Of Life: How To Live Well In Any Circumstance

From Joshua Clayton  Patience, understanding, tolerance: The three qualities it takes to deal with life and deal with it well. It all leads to the positive grace which gives a full sense of what it genuinely takes to live successfully. When I write or talk about living successfully, I am not just talking or writing…

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Thinking About God And With God

From Joshua Clayton  In these two adventures called life and existence, there exists a reality that we all should think about and some even do think about as behind its curtain: That reality is God, not religion or religious thought. Sure, this article will seem like reading “A, B, C, D” to some in exact…

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The Boss: Being Your Own Winner

From Joshua Clayton We all love to achieve, indeed. Conceiving a genuinely original idea, believing it can happen and doing the real work, we do not want to do so much, especially when it is on an “I need to basis” instead of an “I want to basis”. So, I will say this: For every…

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The Thought That Brings Down The House And Changes Things

From Joshua Clayton  What if we were completely honest and realistic with ourselves and others? You see, the best things in life are the most realistic and honest when we really look at things with consciousness and conscience. I remember when my Dad Joe used to say his “pet idiom”: “I do not play!” or…

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Sometimes, God Needs Help Too, That Is An Apparent Reality

From Joshua Clayton  “God, to have created a crazy, messy world like this, needs help, self-help and everything that God can get!” At least that was what I was saying to myself and feeling this morning as I got angry at life itself. With that, I begin this article. Sure, we need some help dealing…

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The Review of Value

From Mike Voyce  The recent death of Terry Jones cannot be allowed to pass without mention of one small corner of his work. No, not “The Life of Brian,” but the heavily researched and extremely accurate book “Who Murdered Chaucer?” Few will be unaware that Chaucer was the very greatest of the early story tellers…

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The Back-Up Plan

From Joshua Clayton  Life is reincarnation consistently. What I mean is: It is like a refurbished used car at this point that is bought fixed up and made new even though it may have many miles on it. I mean, we have had many chances through much time of living, use and evolution to get…

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Never Too Old To Dream, Never Too Young To Live In Reality

From Joshua Clayton  Happiness is what we genuinely make our minds up that it is. Also, winning, losing, quitting and persistence is what we make up as we go along through life. However, the only genuine “lost cause” or “found freedom” is between our ears a few inches across and through our heads. We all…

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