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Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection- ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1366643919

Blessed Creation: A Christian Poetry Collection includes forty outstanding creation-themed poems by various authors. This anthology seeks to remind us that all of creation is a remarkable gift from God. Poetry authors include Bear Jack Gebhardt, Cheryl Hoffman, Christine V. Mitchell, Connie Marcum Wong, Daniel Turner, Danny P. Barbare, David Subacchi, E.A. Francis, Eve Roper,…

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The Return of Uthman Danfodio: 979-8555455567

Nigeria is boiling in 2021 but is this coming as a surprise? The secret war against Nigerians by one singular group (Fulani Herdsmen) has been cooking for so long. What has the government been complicit? Why is the tension getting severe and there is a sense of inevitability to the country’s doom among its citizens?…

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Cry of the MiddleBelt: 979-8555971449

Finally, the book is here. The controversy surrounding the identity “the middle belt” is long overdue. Why is it significant we make this identity official? Some claim that it does not exist and what exist is the “North central” geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Contrary to this, the middle belt existed ever since before the Nigerian…

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Weak For the Weakest Storm

He pays for his meal on the counter and looks at her one more time only to meet her waiting gaze, prompting him to quickly look elsewhere as he hurriedly walks out through the door of the canteen. Three minutes later, after walking 40 yards, she approaches him from behind, taps his back and catches…

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Be my Everyday Valentine

You toiled searching but my arms are your final awaiting couch your fantasy and me are twin and your heart can vouch. Your struggle with existence comes in two sides of which, I’ll implant rest in between to make your life a sandwich. From observation to acquaintance, my soul was on complete traction this is…

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The Bastard Citizen: ISBN-13 : 979-8565082586

  The Bastard Citizen is a unique action-packed story and thriller that has evolved beyond its niche. This adrenaline-stimulator, from start to finish, focuses on the present day reality of the unbelievable challenges posed by a typical low-income Nigerian suburb, emitting all the tension associated with each social and clinical situation, the main character, simply…

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The Soul Talkers: ISBN-13 : 979-8596309003

THE SOUL TALKERS Don, Larissa and Rachael meet in the Fresh blood party amidst weird circumstances and being a wordsmith, he displays his verbal skills to Rachael, leading her to an embarrassing situation. This prompts a dangerous reaction from her as she physically assaults him, becoming the first in a line-up of incidences between these…

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Biblical Love Psychology: ISBN-13 : 979-8596319514

BIBLICAL LOVE PSYCHOLOGY A fascinating Psychology which is applicable to all love relationships; its uniqueness is centered on its practical revelation and timeless application in real life. This book is hence, in no way a relationship manual or guide but an eye opener to love, which complements other psychologies already in place by including other…

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