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How Small Businesses Can Save Efforts and Expenses With QuickBooks Hosting

From Tina S Smith  QuickBooks is the new-generation coveted accounting software that helps users with better financial management and more effortless accounting operations. QuickBooks; developed by Intuit, comes in a lot of different versions such as Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. You can choose what fits best for you depending on the genre, budget, and size…

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QuickBooks Hosting Vs. QuickBooks Online: What’s Your Preference?

From Tina S Smith   QuickBooks, developed by Intuit, has been the leading accounting software ever since its release in the year 2000. Since its stable release, it has been available in two accessible versions. One of them is cloud-based, and the other, the online version (QBO). People often have mistaken online and cloud-based versions to…

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Effective Internal Control Systems and Optimal Processes and Procedures

From James Gaius Ibe  How do firms choose their strategic control systems? What is the nature and function of strategic control systems? What are the critical elements of strategic control systems? What is the nature and function of internal control systems as critical element of strategic control systems? These strategic policy questions relate to the…

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11 Reasons Why Your Company Needs CFO Services

From Dallas Alford  CFO services can take your business to the next level, helping you achieve your goals much sooner. While larger corporations may be able to afford a full-time CFO and accounting team, small businesses have to allocate their budget wisely. Your organization can benefit from years of experience and financial expertise without having…

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QuickBooks Online Vs Cloud Hosted QuickBooks

From Rahul Sharma  In order to understand the difference between QuickBooks Online and Hosted QuickBooks, we need to know 3 versions of QuickBooks. 1. Desktop QuickBooks 2. QuickBooks Online 3. Cloud Hosted QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks edition The QuickBooks desktop edition has many features that help you a lot in bookkeeping & maintaining accounts. Inventory tracking,…

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Understanding Break-Even Financial Analysis

From Kim L. Clark  Most business owners are familiar with the big three financial documents: Profit & Loss (Income) Statement Cash-Flow Statement (or projection, when used for budget planning) Balance Sheet Those statements are compiled monthly, quarterly and annually and each gives useful insight into the fiscal health of the company. The smart business owner…

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How Can Accounting Contribute in Growth of Your Business?

From Satarupa Majumder  Accounting is a part of business and so every business should look forward to it. Bookkeeping falls under accounting and maintained by every enterprises. The size of business will determine the complexities involved in accounting processes, but to keep a track of profit and loss it is necessary to maintain accounts. Being…

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Top 4 Services Performed by Chartered Accountants

From Zaheer Ahmed Swati  1. Auditing It involves the examination of financial statements and generally forms an important part of the work of a practicing CA. All limited companies must have their financial statements audited by an outside CA. The major duties of a company’s auditor are examining and verifying the company’s financial statements; appraising…

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