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Data Science, Business Information on Steroids

From Lee Lister 

A photographer takes a picture of a screen at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on August 14, 2019 in New York City. – Losses on Wall Street accelerated Wednesday as weak economic data from China and Germany and a key US Treasury benchmark exacerbated global recession fears. Near 1500 […]

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First Line Manager: The Courage to Lead? Where Does It Come From?

From Jim McGriff, Jr. 

Meet our Entertainment Manager, Lee

My college fraternity president and I were reviewing the activities of our national convention and in particular the slogan, “The Courage to Lead.” He related to me how the General Fraternity had passed a very restrictive policy on the chapters. The leaders of the […]

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Innovation: Food Is The Next Frontier

From Puneet Bhatnagar 

Eating dietary fibre and whole grains linked to lower …

The world is far from perfect and many challenges are clamoring to be solved. A problem that should be the number one priority is food-waste management.

According to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization report, one-third of food produced for human consumption […]

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How to Be a Leader That Wakes Up Innovation

From Yvette Dubel 

Parent & Family Leadership | Institute for Educational …

I am not the first person to call attention to the connection between diversity inclusion and innovation. What I point towards that has been the more obvious blindspot is the need for personal innovation of leaders that addresses the problem with traditional […]

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What You Must Know To Step Up As An Innovation Hero

From Yvette Dubel 

Pensamiento Imaginactivo – 3 new|

The Reality
Creating deeply innovative organizations needs to replace the more simplistic view of creating organizations that are technically innovative, but perpetuate a business culture that is toxic and destructive. Too often this gets ignored until there are legal, financial, or public relations consequences at hand. […]

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Can the Rideshare Industry Re-Invent Itself?

From Scott L. Johnson 

2017: The Year The Rideshare Industry Crushed The Taxi …

It wasn’t that long ago that UBER came on the scene. Now just ten years later they are looking at a possible 120 billion valuation as an IPO. LYFT another Rideshare company started in 2012 now seven years later is […]

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The Winning Mindset For Creative Solutions Under Pressure

From Bill Stainton 

How to apply big business thinking to your small business …

For fifteen years, part of my job was to come up with creative ideas-every week, under extreme time pressure, with roughly a million people watching.

I was good at it.

Really good.

But I didn’t start out being good at coming up with […]

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It’s Time for Drone Delivery

From Lance Winslow 

Police drones can be hacked and stolen from 2km away by …IBTimes UKIBTimes UK

The other day, I was sitting with a group of college students at Starbucks, we were discussing startup businesses. They were brainstorming of what type of business to start. A guy in an ice cream truck pulled […]

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Brainstorming and Innovation – Not Really Working Anymore

From Lance Winslow 

The Exit Strategy – Strategic

Well, I have a pretty large personal library with more than 3 dozen books on innovation. It’s amazing how they all read about the same and all have nearly the same advice, especially when it comes to the ‘art of brainstorming’. Still, due to all […]

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Corporate Innovation – What Happened?

From Lance Winslow 

8 Tips to Make Sure Your Staff Meeting is Worth the Time | CIOCIOCIO

In the real world outside of academia, we have the same problem where corporate employees are discouraged from thinking, trained to do things exactly as per the employee manual, BMPs (best management practices) of industry, or directions […]

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