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Retirement planning

Investments That Pay Well In Retirement

From Norma Holt  Most think of money when investing for retirement but there are other things that will pay much better when addressed when young. Chief among these is health and teeth. Education comes in third and, of course, family must be number four. Why list them in this order? Wouldn’t family be first? These…

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Being Financially Stable

From Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales  If saving for retirement is a struggle, imagine yourself if you lost a job. More and more people really take care of their own retirement security. To avoid unnecessary financial constraints, create a plan to reduce debt as you approach retirement. Design your savings and spending plans. Retirement planning is definitely…

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Don’t Make This Retirement Mistake

From Ted Bauman  On the dashboard of my personal financial software, there’s a number. Financial gurus tell me this number is one of the three most important in my life. One other is my credit score. The third is my age. (After all, I can shape the other two only if I’m still kicking.) I…

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Managing The Retirement Income Portfolio: The Plan

From Steve Selengut  The reason people assume the risks of investing in the first place is the prospect of achieving a higher “realized” rate of return than is attainable in a risk free environment… i.e., an FDIC insured bank account featuring compound interest. Over the past ten years, such risk free saving has been unable…

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Should Retirees Get Out of The Stock Market?

From Aaron Britz  Last week we witnessed the stock market hitting a record breaking correction with a decline of 12%. Ouch. It’s like we stubbed a toe in the middle of the night. We didn’t see it coming and it hurts. Our reaction is to hobble toward the light. If we could see it would…

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How to Make a Lot With a Small Investment

From Pritesh Jarodiya  Saving becomes a necessity once people get close to the retirement age. At that stage in life, saving is not just an option, but it is a key to having a stress free retirement. However, having plenty of savings do not guarantee a stress-free older age upon retirement. With countless responsibilities, upon…

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7 Ways on How to Invest For Your Retirement

From Kivale Joshua  Investment Plan for Your Retirement There so many investment plans available out there. The following points will guide you to choose the most appropriate one for you with lesser risks and commitments to manage. The points are based on the fact that, after a while they are going to be appreciating business…

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7 Steps to Retirement Planning to a Safe and Secure Future

From Ratan Kumar  Retirement is a tricky thing, one day you feel good about it as you will be relaxing, finally, and the other day you feel worried about your finances. But people who plan for their retirement beforehand may have little or nothing to worry. Retirement planning is a continuous process, and you would…

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