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Risk Management

See Why Your Business May Be More Like Macy’s Than You Think

From Blaine Millet  One thing that frustrates all of us is uncertainty and unpredictability. Even when we want a new adventure and discovering something new, we still look forward to finding out what’s going to happen next. It’s just the way most of us are built. When we are exposed to uncertainty on a regular…

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What Are the Hidden Threats to Driver Safety?

From Alec James  When you’re running a business, you’ve got a whole host of obligations. Those obligations range from profit obligations to shareholders all the way to smaller obligations, like a promise made to a junior member of your team. Above all else though, your first and primary obligation is always that of the safety…

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Fleet Risk Management FAQ

From Alec James  Managing any business is tough, but when your employees are out on the road? Well, it only gets more complicated. The risk associated with managing a fleet is real and significant as mistakes can not only end up in damage to your property but, more seriously, a threat to life. Most people…

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Effective Project Risk Assessment and Optimal Risk Mitigation Strategies

From James Gaius Ibe What are the nature and sources of project risks? What are the nature and function of project risk assessment? How do firms select risk mitigation strategies? What is the correlation between optimal risk mitigation strategies and effective project risk assessment? How do firms reach forecasted financial targets through quality management and…

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Your Business Can Never Be Risk Free

From Sahira Sangi  Before you start your vehicle in the morning, you first check if the fuel is enough, tires have enough air pressure, you change the oil, and you make sure signals are properly functioning and so on. All you do so to make sure you can reach your destination on time and without…

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What Does Fleet Driver Training Actually Do?

From Alec James   If you have vehicles on the road that are owned by your business, you’ll no doubt have heard a little something about fleet risk management. You might know, for example, that fleet risk management is a legal obligation you have in relation to your duty of care to ensure that any and…

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What Is Fleet Risk Management and Do You Need It?

From Alec James  Running a business is nothing if not expensive. From the costs associated with your supply chain to little recurring costs like supplies, heating and electricity, it seems like much of your work is keeping the books balanced. As such, we’re all guilty of finding ways to cut back on expenditure to help…

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Get Waste Removal Done Most Efficiently at the Easiest Skip Bin Hire

From Harikrishna Patel  Directly concerned with the environment and its preservation, waste removal has become one of the greatest contemporary headaches. Besides the esthetic concerns of maintaining a pretty surrounding around the town, it is a question that directly affects health. Hygiene and sanitation must go hand in hand and all kinds of waste need…

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Florida’s Information Privacy Act

From William G. Perry, Ph.D.  ________________________________________________ The author of this article is an information security specialist, not an attorney. The opinions contained in this article should not be construed as legal advice. The reader should consult with a licensed attorney if legal counsel is required relative to FS 501.171. ________________________________________________ Cybercriminals prowl the Internet looking…

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