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Risk Management

Importance of MVRs and Drug Screening

From CW Wade  Why an MVR Check is Important Employee driving records can greatly help employers identify and mitigate risk liability in the workplace. Driving Records can help employers avoid risk of third party lawsuits, medical bills, and other costs associated with automobile accidents by an employee whose primary role or even incidental role includes…

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Importance of Pharmacovigilance

From Chris Benson  Some of the terms used in drug safety can vary in how the terminologies are interpreted and used. For instance: Adverse Drug Reaction In the pre-approval of the drugs’ clinical experience with a fresh medicinal product or its usages, specifically as the therapeutic dose or doses might not be established, all unintended…

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5 Most Usual Mistakes That Could Break Your eCommerce Business

From Rob Stephen  Creating a downright online store isn’t that hard when there are plethora of platforms available including Magento, Shopify to WooCommerce or Zencart. However, considering the fierce competition in the eCommerce segment, starting an online venture is more about building credibility and making things perfect to boost conversions. For online retailers, success is…

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Calculated Risk Management for a Successful Startup

From Siddharth Chaudhary   What is Risk Management? It is basically taking risks for your startup in a controlled environment. So, when you take the risk you have got a backup plan to cover fire in case you run out of ammunition in the war zone (market). This is known as Risk Management in the world…

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The Email Mistake

From Richard D Lieberman  Do you believe your computer’s email program which says “delivery complete” a few seconds after you hit the “send” button? If you do, you have made the classic email mistake. Your computer may think it has been “sent,” but that isn’t the real question. The real question is whether or not…

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Mistakes That Owners Need To Be Aware of While Launching Their App

From Rob Stephen  While developing a mobile app became relatively easy given the support and development services from competent app development companies, launching it in the market successfully isn’t a cakewalk. Owing to the ever-changing market trends and unpredictable user behaviour, an app maker can’t simply assume that their app with become triumphant soon after…

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4 Ways to Successfully Manage Projects

From Mark Gwilliam  There are countless resources, guidelines and tips on how to successfully manage projects. But one topic that’s not often covered involves project failures. Not many project managers are ready to admit failure. However, it’s still all too common to see projects fail and that’s why it’s essential to identify and analyse the…

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Risk Management Courses – How To Get One and Its Benefits

From Ogunseitan Olushola   There are many different management courses that are being offered today to help the businesses to continue to evolve and grow at a consistent pace, and stay competitive at the same time. As the competition continues to grow and many new companies continue to surface and grow, it has become important for…

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Social Engineering – Why I Think Your Business Should Care

From Tim Thurlings  I’m amazed every single day about the way people think about normal-life security inside companies. Big or small; everybody has weaknesses that go unnoticed until disaster strikes. Whether it’s an employee, a disgruntled employee or an external entity who gained access to your company; it doesn’t matter much. Any of them can…

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