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What Every Woman Needs to Know About Breast Cancer

From Arvind Attri 

Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic launched – News | UAB

Breast cancer is one of the widely covered cancers in media around the world. In fact most of us have learned about it through advertisements and awareness programs, run by international health organizations, NGOs, and governing bodies, on different communication platforms. But, […]

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Citrus Oils Are Breast Cancer Busters

From Veronique D Desaulniers 

Image of Breast Cancer Awareness from

I was introduced to the benefits of essential oils over 20 years ago and have since incorporated them in my practice. One type of oil that stands out when it comes to its effect on Breast Cancer is limonene, an extract of citrus […]

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Medications That Have Reduced the Risk of Breast Cancer

From Lori V Woodward 

Managing Breast Cancer Side Effects.

If You Are At Risk Of Developing Breast Cancer You Can Get Help

An update on the effectiveness in new drugs in helping to significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer developing in vulnerable women has shown great promise. Tamoxifen and Raloxifene have been recommended by the […]

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Walking Regularly Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer

From Emma Paterson 

How to walk off 10 pounds – Chatelaine

The journal, Cancer Epidemiology, recently published a lengthy study on how walking is linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women. The women studied were only using walking as their regular form of exercise during any leisure time. This adds […]

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A True Story About Cervical Cancer

From Vimee Bindra  

Don’t Ignore These Cervical Cancer Warning Signs

Cervical cancer is the cancer of the mouth of the womb. This is the only preventable cancer by simple screening test such as Pap smear.

Cancer deaths in women are caused by two leading cancers, breast cancer and cervical cancer. Breast cancer is the leading […]

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Know the Various Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

From Aakash Shah

Drug developed to treat women with inherited cancers …

Basically we need to understand what do you exactly mean by a risk factor? It is defined as anything which increases your chance or having a particular disease.

Studies reveal that there are many risk factors for causing Prostate cancer. We will see […]

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What Is the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment for You?

From Triyono Hadi  

Prostate cancer: Drug trial breakthrough could DOUBLE life .

With regard to someone that is told associated with prostate cancer, the toughest section of this is deciding of the sort of treatment that that you simply feel is most effective for you to own. There usually are several prostate cancer malignancy […]

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Understanding Current Prostate Cancer Treatments

From Gerardo Dicola 

Prostate Cancer – Symptom, Causes & Diagnosis – YouTube

If you have been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate you may feel an immense pressure to find a treatment option that will help you to go into remission. As long as the condition has been identified at an early stage, there […]

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The Story Behind Prostate Cancer

From Karl Real 

Prostate cancer facts: Expert explains if disease will …

Proper health maintenance is indeed one of the most important aspects that we must take into consideration. Since the human body is composed of organic substances it is prone to experience degeneration and deterioration. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the most […]

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