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Brain Cancer

Astrocytoma Brain Cancer Tumors

From Anne Ahira   Astrocytoma brain cancer tumors are considered to be the most common type of Glioma. These tumors may develop in various regions of the brain, as well as the spinal cord. These particular type of brain cancer tumors initiate from cells that are called astrocytes. The area of the brain that these are…

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Brain Cancer – 7 Questions on Glioblastoma Multiforme

From Judy Brutz  What are glia cells? Glia cells hold together the neurons in the brain. The glia communicate with the neurons to trigger the neurons to function. One way to think of glia is that they are a network of cells throughout the brain. The glia are also described as the glue that holds…

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The Challenges of Being a Caregiver When Brain Cancer is Involved

From Judy Brutz   My husband has glioblastoma multiforme, an incurable form of brain cancer. Ted Kennedy died from it. The early challenges I am experiencing as a caregiver are disbelief, feeling overwhelmed, trying to define my role as caregiver, maneuvering a change in my marital relationship, recognizing the need for financial and legal planning, and…

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Treatment For a Brain Tumor

From Gerald Salazar  Brain tumor is can be either benign or malignant kind of its kind. It is an uncontrolled and irregular activity of cell that common occurs in the brain, cranial nerves, pineal glands brain envelopes and even metastasize in other organ. Clients who will undergo treatment for brain tumor usually take drugs and…

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Bone Cancer Metastasis

From Anjuman Khan  An estimated 60% to 84% of patients with cancer develop bone metastasis. Of these 70% experience pain syndrome which is difficult to manage, of which 50% die without adequate pain relief with a poor quality of life. It is therefore necessary to have accessible and effective medications for the management of this…

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Brain Tumor Diagnosis – Meningioma

From Roy H Carter  When you are told that a loved one has a Meningioma or maybe you have been diagnosed yourself, there are so many different questions, concerns and fears. It strikes terror into your heart when you don’t know much about the condition and starts an emotional roller coaster of feelings. Nothing conclusive…

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MRI – Defining a Brain Tumors Presence

From Roy H Carter  My wife recently had cause to have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging examination (MRI) of the head, which resulted in the detection and successful removal of a non-cancerous meningioma and I was amazed at how this testing works and how detailed it can be. Detailed MR images allow physicians to better evaluate…

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Brain Cancer Survival Rate – Know Your Chances

From Mert Ozge  Known to be one of the most incurable types of cancer, brain cancer survival rate may not be something a patient would really want to hear. Different medical sources would tell you different results based on different aspects to consider but one thing remains true until today – brain cancer survival rate…

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