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Colon-Rectal Cancer

7 Major Symptoms of Colon Cancer Demystified

From Angel CH  The symptoms of colon cancer are not necessarily present in the initial stage of the problem. Most of the times they do not appear or are hard to detect until the problem reach to an advanced stage. However, it is always better to know about those which can be detected. Mentioned below…

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Colon Cancer Surgery Facts

From Jason Davidson  Cancer. The big “C” word that everyone dreads hearing. When you do hear it, thoughts automatically turn to lung cancer. The fact is that cancer of the colon is responsible for over 10% of all cancer deaths in the USA. To help understand a little about this disease, it is necessary to…

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Perspectives On Colorectal Cancer

From Sean Domenic Colorectal cancer is a major health concern and public health problem in most of the Western countries despite widespread use of screening technique to detect early stages of this disease. In the United States alone more than 148,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year. Over 55,000 deaths occur in the…

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Colon Cancer: 5 Proven Methods Of Prevention

From Robert Brown  Colon cancer is the third most common cancer in the US today with just under 150,000 new cases diagnosed every year. In addition, each year sees over 50,000 people lose their lives to the illness. But why do people get it? Is there a particular type of person who is at risk?…

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Prevent Digestive System Cancers

From Dr Jenny Tylee   Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells. These changes cells grow and they can form into small tumors. The tumors can place pressure on nerves or blood vessels or they can interfere with the function of organs – such as obstructing the intestines. Some cancers grow slowly and it can take…

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Monitor Symptoms of Colon Cancer

From Jason Vogel  Colon cancer often exhibits the same symptoms as other colon conditions. Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, and peptic ulcer disease show the same symptoms of colon cancer: red or dark blood in stools, changes in bowel habits, narrow stools, diarrhea or constipation, unexplainable weight loss, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating,…

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Types of Inherited Colon Cancer

From Michael Russell  Colon cancer is becoming more common. There will be around 125,000 new cases diagnosed in America this year. Many of these cases are in people more than 50 years old and are random. A small percentage, approximately 10%, however are not random, they have an inherited form of colon cancer. This could…

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Recovering From Colon Surgery – What to Eat

From Colleen Kitchen I recently underwent a partial transverse colon resection in order to remove a large polyp. Luckily the polyp had not advanced to the cancerous stage, but it still had to be removed surgically. When I first woke up I was placed on strict “tepid water only” until there was some evidence of…

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