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Prostate Cancer

Know the Various Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer

From Aakash Shah Basically we need to understand what do you exactly mean by a risk factor? It is defined as anything which increases your chance or having a particular disease. Studies reveal that there are many risk factors for causing Prostate cancer. We will see in the details given below what these factors are.…

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What Is the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment for You?

From Triyono Hadi   With regard to someone that is told associated with prostate cancer, the toughest section of this is deciding of the sort of treatment that that you simply feel is most effective for you to own. There usually are several prostate cancer malignancy treatments you need to understand before making like life-changing selection.…

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Understanding Current Prostate Cancer Treatments

From Gerardo Dicola  If you have been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate you may feel an immense pressure to find a treatment option that will help you to go into remission. As long as the condition has been identified at an early stage, there will be a number of prostate cancer treatments that can…

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The Story Behind Prostate Cancer

From Karl Real  Proper health maintenance is indeed one of the most important aspects that we must take into consideration. Since the human body is composed of organic substances it is prone to experience degeneration and deterioration. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the most common reasons why several individuals are suffering from different strains…

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Taking Low Dose Aspirin Gives Greater Prostate Cancer Prognosis

From Kirsten Whittaker  A new study finds that men’s prostate cancer prognosis, where the prostate cancer has not spread from the gland itself, can be helped by one of the most common, most readily available drugs of western medicine – low dose aspirin. Researchers report that the risk of dying from this form of cancer…

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Are Men Being Rushed Into Prostate Cancer Treatments?

From James L Kirkland Every year, thousands of men are diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer. Most men opt for either radiation treatment or surgery. However, there’s been some speculation that more than half of those men who have been treated for prostate problems might have done better if the cancer has been monitored rather…

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Prostatectomy: Its Risks and Complications

From Maria Chuck  Prostatectomy is a surgical process where all or a part of the prostate gland is removed because of cancer. There are several processes you can choose from when deciding for Prostatectomy: Transurethral Resection of The Prostate (TURP), Open Prostatectomy and Laparoscopic Prostatectomy. One must know that medical studies have shown that there…

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Ways to Cope With Prostate Cancer

From Maria Chuck  Prostate Cancer, just like any other cancer, affects not only the patient but also those people closest to him such as his spouse, family, friends and colleagues. These people play a significant role that will help a patient easily cope with such dreadful news of having been diagnosed of prostate cancer. They…

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Proton Beam Cancer Treatment SAVES LIVES!

From Lin Stone  FACT: Almost 30,000 men each year die just from prostate cancer What are the alternatives for treating cancer? Invasive Surgery, chemo therapy, radiation, Gamma Knife, Proton Beam Therapy, “natural cures.” Deeply invasive surgery used to be the only kind of therapy going for things like breast cancer, brain cancer or prostate cancer.…

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