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The Importance of Randomized DOT Drug Testing

From Jeff Weigang  Catch Drivers Off-Guard There is a reason for randomizing the DOT drug testing. If drivers know when to expect the drug test every month or every quarter, they’re going to know when to stop using drugs, if they are using. They will know exactly how long it takes to flush out of…

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Natural Yeast Infection Cures Which Really Work

From Lucy Rodrigues  When I suffered from yeast infection for the first time I contacted my gynecologist immediately. She prescribed tablets for oral consumption as well as vaginal insertion to treat the condition. Although symptoms of my vagina yeast infection subsided within a few days, the infection reappeared after a couple of weeks. In fact…

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Same Sex Partners May Increase the Risk for STD

From Shiwani Sinha  Nowadays, teenage generations have sex with same partners, according to the latest study conducted to assess sexual behavior of teenage people. The study suggests that one out of ten sexually active teens have sex with same partners and currently about 9.3 percent of teens had this tendency. Earlier study in 2002 indicates…

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STI and Trichomoniasis

From Shiwani Sinha   Trichomoniasis is a sexual transmitted infection (STI) caused due to the parasite named trichomonas vaginalis. The parasite attaches itself to the lining of the vagina and urethra, and people usually have this disease because of unprotected sex with their partners and also using infected sex toys. The disease can also be passed…

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3 Ways to Minimize the Psychological Impact of Herpes Simplex

From Corey Stevenson  Nobody talks about the sense of shame that accompanies a herpes simplex outbreak. Yet there is so much wrong information floating around that it’s easy to see why some people regard a herpes diagnosis as devastating. Why is it that society views something that millions of people suffer from as so dirty…

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Untreated Gonorrhea Can Be Life-Threatening

From Graham Pratt   Gonorrhea is a very common Sexually Transmitted Disease, or STD, with over 700,000 cases reported every year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The highest rates of infection are reported among sexually active teenagers and young adults, and African Americans. Left undiagnosed and untreated, gonorrhea can…

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Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Can Occur at Any Age

From Shiwani Sinha  Sexually Transmitted Infection can happen to any person at any time irrespective of age. It’s therefore important to take protection while having sex at any age, and promote better health. Protection from sexual infections is possible only by using condoms. Sexual transmitted diseases (STD) are one of the most dangerous diseases causing…

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Increase in Syphilis Babies

From Shiwani Sinha  The situation is alarming with rise in syphilis cases and more importantly rise in babies born with syphilis infection in China. The disease was nearly wiped out five decades ago in China but in last 10 years it gradually increased mainly in coastal areas of Shanghai, one of the most affected places…

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