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Mood disorder

Mood Swings: A Panic Attack

From Navodita Maurice  Modern biology has given countless magnitudes to the improved and impeccable understanding of human physiology establishing the fact that reproductive physiology is not only multifarious but more byzantine in females. Role of hormones in the physiological processes can’t be discounted as they take charge over a number of processes for instance from…

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Dental Tips for Children’s Oral Health

From Karina Popa  While oral sickness is easy to prevent, there are still lots of children that get tooth decay. Such kids often experience pain, find it hard to sleep, and at times, undergo major dental treatments – like tooth extraction with general anesthesia. When a child gets cavities at a much younger age, it…

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ADHD Remedies: Four Ways to Beat ADHD

From Alex D Wilson   ADHD is a chronic and lifelong health situation that requires sustainable, effective and safe management, otherwise this ailment would lead to learning and development disabilities, serious behavioral problems and social malfunctioning later in life. There are four major ADHD remedial procedures that are a presently vailable: prescription drugs, behavioral modification, psychotherapy,…

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Workplace Anxiety

From Kris Varma  As someone who provides organisations consultancy service to manage Mood Disorder issues at work, I was recently approached by a 52 year old female insurance worker. She worked in Credit Control. Since January 2010, she experienced difficulties at work. Her bosses noticed that her work output had declined considerably in comparison with…

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Mood Disorders Afflict Adults and Children Alike

From Robin Thompson Arthur  Roughly one in 10 Americans (approximately 30 to 40 million) suffer from mood disorders. Our “mood” can be described as our sustained internal state of emotion, or as the dictionary defines it, our “prevailing emotional tone.” Basically, our mood is our state of being. We all experience ups and downs and…

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Multiple Personality Disorder – A Rugby League Player’s Story

From Kris Varma  A friend of mine, who suffered from depression recently, related his story to me. Being a former National Rugby League Player, he started getting depressed whilst playing Rugby League. He could not identify the reasons and kept sinking into greater depths of depression. As a result his friends started avoiding him. A…

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What Is Agoraphobia? What Are Its Symptoms?

From Mike Bond  For a lot of people who suffer from various anxiety disorders, one stands out as being particularly debilitating. What is Agoraphobia? What are its symptoms? Originally, agoraphobia was a fear of open spaces, but it’s come to mean intense fear in crowds and also a dread of suffering an anxiety attack when…

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Helping Panic Attacks With a Scientifically Proven Method

From Jack Sesslor   The best methods of helping panic attacks are cognitive techniques. Methods like deep breathing exercises and progressive relaxation treat physical symptoms, but not mental symptoms like fearing eminent doom or death. The art of gratitude has been proven by scientific research to change the body’s chemistry in beneficial ways to stop panic…

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