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Adolescent care

Adolescent Freedom and Responsibility – Learning Through Mistakes

From Candida Abrahamson Ph.D. 

Kids Need Parents Who Are Leaders |

Have a teenager? Finding the experience not, perhaps, unending simplicity and joy?

You’re not alone. Adolescence is a complicated time, during which the teen’s main job is seeking out his/her own identity separate from the parents’. The developmental tasks of adolescence are accomplished […]

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Why Kids Need Structure

From Todd N Robinson 

girl gymnast on a white background

Among the many challenges of parenting, having a child with ADHD can further complicate daily interactions. If, as a parent, you don’t know how to efficiently interact with your child because of the particular way they process information, getting your child to follow directions […]

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Wake Up America – We Must Protect Children!

From Stephanie L. Mann 

Child protection | UNICEF AfghanistanUNICEFUNICEF

Child abuse used to be a silent epidemic that was seldom discussed. However, the national news media has increased awareness about the abuse of children. We have heard horror stories about sexual assaults by priests, sex traffickers and; how predators with community status have been […]

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Why Be Pure In A Permissive Society?

From Melinda Stagner 

Sexism in a Liberal Society | Everyday

Have you ever given any thought to the liabilities of not living a pure life? And then what are the benefits of living a life that is pure.


A SEARED CONSCIENCE – does not give you peace of […]

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10 Signs You’ve Hired A Great Nanny

From Alexandra Afari 

Nanny I Posh Nanny & Premier Educators I United

Finding a nanny for your family can be a time consuming task one that often leaves families, confused, frustrated, or unsure of their decision. Bringing a new member into the family can be a stressful time, however, there are ten signs […]

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Adolescence – Making It Work

From Steve Wickham 

Parents Teaching Kids Empathy

Adults and those growing into some form of adulthood, however pubescent, are known to clash – and titanic these struggles can be. The scary thing is how quickly situations reach flashpoint. But the craziness of adolescence can be resolved.

Most mature adults, who have been that way for […]

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It Took A Village

From Maudry Miller 

It takes a Village to Train a Child

When I was growing up, one often heard the very familiar phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the small southern town where I grew up, it really did nearly take the whole town to nurture small children. There was […]

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How Do I Talk To My Teenager?

From Kelly J Bawden 

10 Tips For Talking With Teens About Tough Stuff – Lotus …

Talking to teenagers today is a real challenge. They have so many distractions that can keep them busy that it may seem impossible to even get time with them. However, talking to your teenager is more important than […]

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Dealing With Anger in Children

From Mark Korduba 

Dealing With Your Child’s Aggressive And Violent Behaviour ..

I often get parents ringing me up to ask me how to deal with anger in their children. From my experience, Anger Management problems generally exist in children between the ages of 13-20 years. Usually there has been an anger outburst (e.g., […]

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Your Parents Revenge, Your Teenager – How to Care for Your Adolescent

From Lance Winslow 

Image from

Okay so, you were once young too, and if you were a somewhat problematic teen for your parents, then you shouldn’t be all that surprised to find your offspring similar in that regard. Call it; your parent’s revenge. After all, you gave your parents quite a hard time […]

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