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Elder care

4 Myths About Nursing Homes Debunked

From Andrew Stratton  Nursing facilities receive a negative rap due to misguided beliefs about what facilities are like and what kinds of services they offer. Individuals, guided by the fear of living out their last days in such a facility or having to consign their elderly family members, sometimes steer clear of senior centers. The…

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Three Activities That Help Memory Care Patients

From Andrew Stratton  As we age, the way our mind works begins to change. It happens to everyone. However, for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, this change is more evident and intense. In order to keep our mind working, we need to exercise it, which is why exercises and daily activity are an integral part of…

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Do You Know Your Healthcare Choices?

From Kathryn McDowell  In an effort to assist you in gaining a better understanding of the types of elder care services that you may find yourself in need of, here is a quick look at the most commonly seen situations in healthcare. Recovering from Surgery for Joint Replacement Once you have had this type of…

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Memory Care Facilities Provide Support for Seniors

From Lorena Silvestre  As a person grows older, they may become physically weaker. They may experience pain in their joints, failing eyesight, and the mind may also show bouts of forgetfulness. However, all of these problems may not be that serious, depending on the individual senior’s condition. It can be treated if the proper care…

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Memory Care Communities Support Seniors

From Ashley Hammet  “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” If you look for the meaning of this inspirational quote online, you will find it means that, when the situation becomes difficult, the strong will come together to meet the challenge. In a similar context, when a person suffers from memory loss, the…

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Making the Golden Years Truly Golden

From Oliver Max  Alzheimer’s disease is an illness which has been on the rise in the past few years, and it has been projected to become even more prominent in the near future. In a decade it has been predicted that the number of people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will grow from 5…

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Providing Seniors With Care During Economic Hardship

From Stive Bruce  As the number of services and amenities grow, people have to pay more money for them. It is understandable because time is being invested into making these services and amenities possible. The basic economic principle dictates that there should be payment for these services. It is becoming more difficult to pay for…

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How to Lend Support for Family Members in Nursing Homes

From Andrea Avery  For many older adults, nursing homes are part of their care arrangement. As their health declines, the need arises for more skilled nursing care. This move from a personal home to a facility can be a difficult transition for both the patient and family members. If your loved one has made the…

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Senior Care: Tips for Making Summer Fun

From Jennifer Hogeland  While they shouldn’t exert themselves in the heat, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to have some summertime fun. With a little creativity and thoughtful planning, your loved one can enjoy the warmer weather. Make new memories, and reinforce old ones. Spending time outdoors can be healthy and refreshing. Ask seniors…

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