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Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Home

From Holly Ellison  Let’s be honest, the economy is tough. In these difficult times, many families are finding ways to enjoy time together at home. With the median household income on a decline from last year, Americans cannot afford to luxuries they were once accustomed to before the recession and, according to sources, if current…

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Designing a Great Outdoor Party

From Nicole M. Hill  How you arrange your outdoor space can make a big difference in your outdoor party’s success. So, whether the party is on your deck, patio or simply in your backyard follow these simple guidelines for an eye-pleasing and functional outdoor party layout. Be Prepared Well before the outdoor festivities begin you…

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Tips When Installing Lights for a Party

From Peter Z Hines  Do you know how important lighting is to a home? Even if you have really good furniture and home accessories, your house might not feel complete if it is not properly lighted. Take note that proper lighting does not necessarily mean bright lights. There are times when recessed and dimmed lighting…

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How to Have a Successful and Affordable Party for Kids

From Peter Z Hines  Making children experience the excitement of a birthday party can be one of the most important gifts any parent can provide. You would want to be the host of a successful party for your kids. You will not only make the guests happy. You may also make your child very excited…

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Tips for a Fun New Year’s Eve Celebration

From Peter Z Hines  New Year’s Eve only comes once in a year. It might be necessary that you give importance to the celebration that comes when this time arrives. If you are faced with the task of planning a New Year’s Eve party, here are the things that you have to keep in mind:…

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5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Party Decor

From Alek S Jones  Planning a party or event can be one of the most rewarding yet challenging tasks imaginable, but with so many décor options to consider, you can ensure that your event is one guests will be talking about for years to come. Party décor has evolved in many ways over the years,…

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Creative 4th of July Invitation Ideas

From Perry Jacks  Independence day is a great time for your friends and family to remember more than just fireworks by sending them attractive July 4th party invitations. With so many cookouts, barbeques and picnics, making your invitations stand out will not doubt ensure that your Independence day bash is memorable. Here are useful tips…

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How Did Pinocchio Become Famous?

From Jeanne Kubiak Have you ever wondered how Pinocchio become famous? He is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the 1883 children’s novel. Pinocchio is often known for telling lies and composing a story beyond our wild imagination. Pinocchio’s nose is short until those lies and stories get told when he is under…

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Cute Love Quotes to Send to Your Girlfriend

From Sudha Soundrapandiyan  1. Didn’t I tell you? I never thought about you. Only those forgotten will be thought about. 2. You make me forget myself. That’s why, I have forgotten your birthday. 3. I had a rebirth when I saw you first. You are my second mother. 4. My mind is infected with love.…

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