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Modern Dads and Their Divided Attentions

From Steve Wickham

Young Men’s Sexual Behavior May Predict Teen Pregnancy …

In not being present, in pretending I can hold two or more attentions simultaneously, I betray eternity’s moment for the temporary release I feel I could have by looking at a little machine at the end of my arm.

Whether it is an […]

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The Best Men I’ve Known

From Steve Wickham 

Eddie Murphy Will Appear In Forthcoming Richard Pryor Biopic

Even as I’m served by a young man leading a younger woman poorly, that is, by treating her with a simmering disdain, as her boss, because he himself is flustered, I’m reminded, ironically, as it would seem… of the best men I’ve […]

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Two Fresh Discoveries As Father and Husband

From Steve Wickham 

Funom Theophilus Makama: It’s family time on my birthday

‘Meg bit Ted,’ my son read out, immediately his eyes filling with tears. Even before he read those words I had sensed something was about to happen. I consoled him, before asking him if he was okay. He said he was, but […]

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What the Father Wants for His Daughter

From Steve Wickham – YouTube

On a recent night, where as a family we gathered to say goodbye to a daughter moving to the other side of the country, it struck me just what does the Father feel for His daughter. Yes, this is not really about me as a father to my […]

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God Interrupts Busyness for His Purpose

From Steve Wickham 

Video background – The Power of God’s Love 1080p Full HD ..

Oh, how mysterious is God? But oh, how reliable the Lord also is.

On a recent day, a day of supposed holiday merriment, I felt inundated with jobs, tasks, interactions, so-called pressing demands. It may have only been six or […]

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The Repetitive Grief of a Separated Parent

From Steve Wickham 

March 13, 2005, a Sunday, was like so many Sundays in the 2003 – 2007 period. Well, every second one. After picking my daughters up on a Friday afternoon I’d return them to their mother on a Sunday afternoon.

It was always hard.

Without exception, having helped settle them in with Mum, including a […]

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5 Best Fun Ideas for Improving the Father-Daughter Bond at Home

From Karanveer Rawat 

The Damage Done | Common Sense with Paul Jacob

Now, the social trends are changing. Working couples are hardly getting time to interact with children. Fathers are more prone to making the distance in comparison to mothers due to several reasons.

But, a child’s complete growth is not possible till he or […]

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Where Have All the Fathers Gone?

From James Snyder 

Around this time of the year, my thoughts wander back to my father. He’s been gone quite a spell but his memory lingers. I often wonder what he would think of what is happening in our world today if he were to come back.

I grew up with a father who believed in […]

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Different Roles of a Father

From Sonali Pathak 

[ File # csp7351447, License # 2107653 ]Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( Can Stock Photo Inc. / wacker

A father is a man with the Midas magic who can turn around the worst situation for his children into the most adaptable one. This man […]

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