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Is Your Child Angry, Emotional, Willful, or Stressed?

From Debbie A. Johnson  Friends of mine living in Hawaii have a son who was very difficult in kindergarten. We’re talking very violent behavior at the tender age of five! They were very loving parents and love each other very much. What could have caused that? After all, they were living in paradise. Violent, emotional,…

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Get Hi Vis Workwear for Your Little Helpers

From Edmund Brunetti  Whether you have a toddler or a slightly older child, they probably love trying to imitate you or your spouse when working around the house. If you are cooking, gardening or feeding the chickens on your farm, you probably have a little helper tagging behind you or looking to help whenever they…

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A Powerful Concept to Alter Children’s Behavior

From Gary Direnfeld There is a Jewish word that doesn’t translate directly into English, but it informs my attitude to people who have undergone hardship and need help. Translated, the word is a hybrid of several concepts, not standing alone on any one, but really the combination of all. The concepts or words in English…

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Child Behavior: When Nothing Else Works, Consider These 7 Strategies:

From Gary Direnfeld  Parents are saying discipline, consequences, time out and sticker’s don’t work. Parents are presenting as more and more defeated when it comes to managing the behavior of their children. They have a long list of tried that – didn’t work scenarios including many of the more popular parenting programs. What’s up with…

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Advice for Parents: Eating Out With Kids

From Helena Nelson  Most people like to eat out at a restaurant. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of it. Folks also have very different ideas about what constitutes being called a restaurant. Even though fast-food restaurants use that word, don’t try to take me to one and call it a date. But I digress.…

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5 Tips for Surviving the Evil Five O’Clock Hour

From Elisabeth Stitt  One of my nightmares when my children were young was having to go shopping–or anywhere actually–during the Evil 5 O’Clock Hour. You know, that time of day when your sweet child transforms into a crazy person. She goes hysterical at the drop of a hat. Melts down at every turn. And God…

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Build Family Connection Through This Family Craft Project

From Elisabeth Stitt  When’s the last time you sat down as a family and got your fingers sticky together?! If your family goes to a regular religious service, you already have a lot of ceremony and ritual built into your life. These practices not only connect your kids to a greater power, they make them…

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