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‘How Many Weeks Am I?’ Assures Pregnant Moms

From Pakorn Hussemanakul 

Is it safe to get the flu shot while pregnant?

Pregnancy is referred to as the period of development of one or more offspring in a woman’s uterus. At this period of growth and development of a fetus, pregnant moms will undergo gradual physical changes and sometimes mental effects in accordance […]

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Lessening the Taboo of Miscarriage and Stillbirth

From Melissa Desveaux 

People Are Sharing Heartbreaking Stories And Images Of StillBirths

When a woman falls pregnant, her and her partner (assuming most of the time) have dreams of raising their child. They are happy beyond words and share their excitement with those who would want to know.

Whether the woman knows her baby or […]

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Give Life a Protection Through Umbilical Cord Blood

From Annie George 

Plazenta im Krankenhaus in einer Schale

Life is a precious gift from God! And we all love it the most. So it is up to us how to make it. It’s also our responsibility to be responsible towards it. People want to see happy faces of family members & friends. In […]

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Tips On How To Get Pregnant With A Girl

From Jimmy Thakkar

Portrait of unhappy young man sitting seperately while his wife sleeping on bed

Before getting started on how to get pregnant with a girl, you first need to realize that you only get one shot at this or several if you intend to have more children. Fact of the matter is […]

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Dealing With Teenage Pregnancy

From Saphira Joseph

Complications With Teenage Pregnancy | LIVESTRONG.COM

Teenage pregnancy is dangerous to the health of both mother and child. This is a very common issue nowadays. Teenage pregnancy can be stress full for the mind and body of the mother because her reproductive system has just developed.

The reason for this, according to […]

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Most Common Signs of Pregnancy

From Saphira Joseph 

Birth rates in every generation

Pregnancy is the happiest time for a woman because she is soon going to become a mother. How will you confirm your pregnancy? Simple signs and symptoms will show you that you are pregnant, after confirmation of it, you should start visiting your doctor. It is […]

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Having a Caesarian Is Not the End of the World!

From Melissa Desveaux 

A woman is on an operating table during csection surgery with a horrified screaming expression.

It’s a caesarian, not the end of the world!

As a mother of two young boys, I never got the chance to deliver them naturally. It was a little disappointing because it’s one thing I hoped for. […]

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5 Facts to Know About Hip Pain and Pregnancy

From Kenneth Perkins 

Hip arthritis symptoms and treatment options, hip …

Few women get through an entire pregnancy without some form of hip pain. It might be a slight discomfort or a debilitating, throbbing soreness. Many women experience hip discomfort in the second trimester while others get it in the second trimester. (A few […]

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Lessons Learned After Four IUIs

From K. Lowery 

Intrauterine Insemination

Lesson #1: It’s All About the Odds

The timing of ovulation and the chance of successful fertilizing of the egg(s) with the help of IUI is greatly enhanced in comparison with natural conception. The quality of a woman’s eggs (and hence of the future embryos), however, is equally uncertain […]

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