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Tips to Train Your Pet Parrot

From Bernard Yao 

Training Your Pet Bird | edGod_aNiMaL

Having a pet is a very nice feeling especially for people who do not have enough time to relax and unwind. Pets make the lives of many people a lot more fun so to those who wish to get a pet, make sure to try […]

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How Wild Birds Survive Winter?

From Louise Fisher 

Videos for Cats and People to Enjoy : Birds in Winter … YouTubeYouTube>Paul Dinning

Seeing birds remain local during the winter months isn’t uncommon. Most species choose to migrate to warmer climates, and many British birds make an appearance in southern Europe and Africa during our winter.

It’s worth considering how some birds […]

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Evolution In The Birds of Paradise

From Louise Fisher 

Glimpses of paradise: Magnificent birds, striking science …

Evolution, or natural selection, progresses along quite simple lines. As time progresses certain genetic traits prove to be beneficial to the species. As the creatures possessing advantageous qualities stand more chance of surviving, over time the entire species will grow to possess the […]

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Basic Facts About Budgerigar Parakeets

From Ionut I Vasile 

Budgerigar – Wikipedia WikipediaWikipedia

Budgerigar parakeets are small, long tailed and seed eating parrots. They were from Australia for so many years ago although this has some doubts as the origin is not clear yet. This kind of species is found all over the world, and they are naturally green and […]

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Birds Can Be Clever

From Maxina D Williams 

This Swedish Song Is A Swan-Magnet & Clever Parrot Aces … Right This MinuteRight This Minute

We tend to take native creatures for granted but many of them have a personality of their own. Take birds for example. They can be fascinating if we take the time to watch them going […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Pet Birds Warm in Winter

From Mary Wyld 

Winter garden bird spotting – Saga SagaSaga

As the weather cools down, it’s important to remember that birds need additional care in winter. Many of our exotic and pet bird breeds are originally from warm, tropical climates and cold temperatures can be a health challenge. Here are a few guidelines for pet […]

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Facts About Duck Boxes

From  Caroline R Partin 

Wood Duck house, Goldeneye Mandarin Merganser Nest Box ( 2 … eBayeBay

One of the best ways to attract wild ducks is through the use of a duck box. The use of the box is particularly to boost the number of ducks in several local populations. Before, wood ducks are abundant in […]

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How To Buy A Budgerigar From Budgie Breeders

From Ionut I Vasile 

Parakeet Wallpapers – Wallpaper Cave Wallpaper CaveWallpaper Cave

There are so many parakeet breeders all over the world and they have had the best sales all through. Many people have fallen for the budgerigar. There are some points that you will need to note of the budgerigar before buying it. Make […]

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The History and Operation of Copper Weathervanes

From Caroline R Partin 

Good Directions GD515P 27″L x 18″W x 46″H Rooster …

Weathervanes are great instruments in showing the movement of the wind. Weathervanes are typically copper or iron devices which are attached on the highest point of a structure. Once the wind moves, the weathervane actually moves according to the direction […]

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Tips on Caring For Your Pet Conure

From Alex Kelly 

Chia Seeds: How Do They Benefit My Pet Bird? The Spruce PetsThe Spruce Pets

Conures are very sociable by nature, and love interacting with their owners, which is one of the reasons they are so popular as companion birds. However, because they constantly crave human interaction, they can be quite demanding of […]

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