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Main Differences Between Dogs and Cats

From Karina Popa  Exercise When it comes to exercise, a cat may not be an ideal workout buddy. Just because cats move briskly and play games on some occasions with their human family, they are not considered to be athletic by definition. On the other hand, dogs are great exercise companions. A lot of breeds…

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Different Ways Dogs Communicate With Humans

From Paul Luciw  Communication between your dog and yourself does not involve an actually language. After all your dog cannot express what they are thinking in words. However there are several means they use that can indicate what they are thinking. This involves using body language. One way your fury friend uses body language to…

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Clues To Determine What Your Dog Is Thinking

From Paul Luciw  Have you ever wondered about what your dog is thinking? Many dog owners have thought about this. Dogs are very intelligent animals. These animals have been around longer than humans. They feel pain, joy and anxiety when their human friend leaves them. They also exhibit emotions such as anger, excitement, contentment and…

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My Dog Was Lost, But Now He Is Found

From Nila J Spitzack Hetteen I realized after an hour that my nine year old Miniature Schnauzer was missing. To my dismay the door was left ajar after I had brought in a large bag of dog food into the house from the car. It was now getting dark and after several neighbors and I…

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Choices: What Pet Food To Choose

From Liudas Justin  Once you start looking at all the offerings, confusion is probably not far behind. You start questioning do I get freeze-dried, air-dried, or dehydrated. Let’s look at each. First and foremost they are all without moisture, but not interchangeable as terms go. Air dried pet food is a unique process. It’s like…

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Dog Sitting & Boarding and How to Pick

From Rose May  As a current, or potentially new, dog owner, you may think that having a dog means you can never leave town or enjoy a well-deserved vacation. That is a myth. There many options you can consider to take care of your pet while you’re away. Dog Boarding Facilities and businesses that offer…

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Foods to Keep Away From Your Dog

From Micah Smith  As dog lovers, we want to spoil our furry members of the family all the time. Especially when it comes to sharing the things we love with them. Unfortunately, not everything that is good for us is good for our pets too. Listed below is a series of foods to keep away…

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