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Basketball – Vertical Jump

From Trey Vaugn  Why would you want to jump higher? Well if you play a sport like basketball or volleyball, it can turn you from an average player to the best player on the team. Basketball players tend to look just at the surface of this, and that’s dunking. What you need to understand is…

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How You Can Add Some Inches To Your Vertical!

From Farrukh Abbas  A higher and stronger vertical can aid you tremendously in excelling a number of different sports. These sports include gymnastics, basketball and volleyball. A higher vertical will also improve the flexibility and the athleticism overall. However, increasing the leap, and adding a couple more inches to it requires you to be dedicated…

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What to Consider When Choosing Basketball Shoes

From Leo Eigenberg  The right pair of basketball shoes is certain to give the desired protection, traction, and avoid injury while on the court. But, it is important to pick the type of shoes that match the gameplay. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right shoes: What is your shoe…

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Have Heart

From Scott Rodgers  Basketball, of course, has specific problems that vary day to day, game to game, and situation to situation. Every single time the ball is dribbled, a player cuts to the basket, a coach calls out a play, any type of slight change can cause a new problem throughout the game. How well…

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Shooter’s Shoot

From Scott Rodgers The first thing you are going to want to do in order to become a better shooter is to keep your eyes up and to look at your target. The earlier you look at your target, the easier it is for you to mentally calculate the distance of how far you are…

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Recommended Basketball Products

From Jackson Buckley  Some people say that if you want to become the best player you need to use the best equipment. Is this true? Eh not necessarily. However, having good equipment could absolutely help. With that being said you need to find the right stuff to use. So now you’re looking for a product…

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How To Be A Better 1 On 1 Basketball Player

From Travon Morgan  If you want to create some nice basketball highlights, you need to be able to break down your defender 1 on 1. Becoming a better 1 on 1 player mostly comes down to being able to control the basketball and create scoring opportunities at will. You need to improve your ball handling,…

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