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Cheerleader Teams Always Do Well With a Car Wash Fundraiser

From Lance Winslow  There are a lot of advantages to cheerleading squads that other sports simply don’t enjoy. I guess that goes without saying, especially in high-school, but I would submit to you that the same applies for those in college – let me explain and give you a real life example here if I…

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Avoiding Stress Before Cheerleading Competitions

From Kim McMinn  Cheerleading competitions are awesome and really stressful on everyone involved. Here are some ideas about how to keep your stress level down whether you are a competitor, coach, or parent. First, be prepared. The best way to combat the stress of competition is to have a routine that everyone on the floor…

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Have a Child Participating in Cheerleading? Learn More About Common Cheerleading Injuries

From Stacie L. Grossfeld, MD  Cheerleading is a popular form of physical activity in the U.S. with an estimated 2.8 million elementary and high school kids participating in the sport each year. While pompoms and fancy uniforms may define cheerleading for some, the activity actually involves a tremendous amount of skill and athletic conditioning. Cheerleaders…

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Beginner’s Guide to Coaching Youth Cheer

From Lisa A Mason  It can be a wonderful experience to coach youth cheer but you need to be sure you know how to do so successfully. As a coach, you are also a role model. In addition to teaching the children the fundamentals of cheer, you are also teaching team spirit, cohesiveness and kindness.…

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Stunting: The Primary Spectacle

From Justin Gibbs  Stunting is where all of the physical work and practice pays off. Previously known as Pyramiding, stunting itself has also come into its own over the years. Physical prowess and dexterity will definitely be tested, though positioning is important too. There are numerous stunts that can be used and memorized. There are…

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Cheerleading Cheers Are A Very Fun Activity

From Tom McNabney  Cheerleading puts the energy of games and impart a spirit of strong stimulus in the group. Cheerleading when done effectively can facilitate team players build a rapid return in the contest. Cheerleading does not just perform a skill it must be done creatively with a goal to achieve winning perfections. Cheerleading cheers…

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The Weekly Fitness Post: Build Strong Arms For Stunting

From JP Sheridan  Week 5: Strength Training Arms If you’re a base for a cheerleading team, you are well aware by now that arm strength is crucial to becoming a better base. Tossing, lifting, twisting and catching other girls in the air is not for the faint or weak. Many females, in general, tend to…

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How to Become Captain of Your Cheerleading Team

From JP Sheridan  The position of a cheerleading captain is a prestigious position on a cheer team, but one that carries a lot of responsibility. Not only does the position take a lot of work and passion, it’s also the most competitive position to obtain. The best of the best on any team is vying…

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