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Belly Dancing Builds Confidence, and Self-Esteem

From Tricia Deed 

Skinny Dreaming: The Benefits of Belly Dancing

Belly dancing can build your confidence and self-esteem by correcting, reinforcing, and uplifting the many qualities which make you the best person that you can be.

The personality of a person refers to their birth traits. For instance, you hear statements such as she was […]

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Best Ballet Tights – How to Choose, What to Look For

From Anton Liakhovskii 

Ballet Beautiful Set Of Two Seamed Tights in Black – Lyst

Ballet tights may seem like a basic piece of ballet wear, but in reality a lot of ballet dancers’ performance and fitness depends on them, it really makes sense to pay extra bit of attention when choosing them.

Tights for ballet […]

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Get People to Jive in Easy Ways With Amazing Dancing Apps

From Rob Stephen 

Wallpaper World: Amazing Street Dance pictures

There’s hardly any better way than dancing to express joy and enjoy moments! While some learn dance moves from learning classes or ballet sessions and are pro in it, some just start boogying with random moves on the beats of a song. Dancing is promptly […]

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5 Tips For Your First Dance Competition

From Shalini Madhav

This DOCTOR WHO Tango Dominated a UK Dance Competition … NerdistNerdist

Are you getting ready for your first dance competition? If so, it can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you have never been to a dance studio before. Like others, you want to give your best. You may want to avoid […]

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Enhancing Both Physical & Emotional Health Through Pole Dance

From Arnabesh Ray 

Pole dancing in Perth – Flying High Aerial Arts Studios

Today, the world has rightly converted into a global village. Thanks to the ever improving technology, human life on the planet is drastically different in the present as compared to the past. However, there is a flip side to every good […]

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Benefits of Dance for Older People

From Faye O’Connor 

Catalyst housing association London and South East …

Dancing is a past time enjoyed by many both young and old across the world on a daily basis. Whether it is dancing whilst listening to music whilst doing the housework or attending a weekly salsa class the beauty of dance is that […]

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Belly Dancing Is Fun

From Tricia Deed 

Hot Blog Post: Hot Belly Dance Photos

Belly dancing for many women is fun, fun, and more fun. The American female thoroughly enjoys the movements and the music. But when she mentions that she will be taking classes, often times it is not well received by family and friends.


It is because […]

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Top Tap Dance Tips

From Shalini Madhav 

Tap Dance Combinations for Better Health ThoughtCoThoughtCo

What do you know about tap dancing? In case you don’t know, if you want to have the most fun, you should go for a tap dance. As a matter of fact, tap dancing is on the list of the greatest dances. It will make […]

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TAP DANCE – The Jewel In The Crown

From Shalini Madhav 

A Time to Dance – Unhook the Stars

Dance and music can be two different things, but they go hand in hand when it comes to dance, or more precisely Tap Dance. Tap dance is a different form where you foot it with your musical shoes on. Wait, don’t mistake them […]

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Sensual Belly Dancing – Stop Feeling Guilty

From Tricia Deed 

Belly dance erotica – Nude photos

The woman who is confident, has a high self-esteem and worthiness, and has a healthy attitude about being housed in a female body which embodies womanhood is very comfortable performing and wearing a costume for her physical, mental, and emotional interpretation of her dance performance.

If […]

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