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Tips for Summer Camp Program – How to Find the Right Camp

From Susheel Tripathi 

10 Best Ski Resorts in France to Go on These Holidays

Skiing during summer is very important because it prepares you for the winters. With improved skills and technique, you will be able to enjoy your slope time even more. Opt for a summer camp, which provides the unique opportunity to […]

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The Rise of Local Ski Makers

From James Horner 

Ski Vacation Travel Agent in Rowlett, Snow Skiing Vacation …

The world of downhill skiing has seen massive changes in the past 10 years. With the advent of wider and stiffer skis has come a whole new market that focuses not only on technological advances but also the type and location […]

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Cross-Country Skiing in Norway – Touring From the Espedalen Valley

From Stuart Montgomery 

Dalseter Mountain Hotel – Hotel in Espedalen, Espedalen …

If you are a cross-country skier looking for a relatively easy tour in the Norwegian mountains, one area worth considering is the hill-country to the west of Espedalen, which is a long valley situated about 70km to the northwest of the town […]

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Ski Vacation Fun: Monoskiing

From Donald Soolar 

8 Popular Gatlinburg TN Vacations You Never Thought Of

Want to try something new for your next ski vacation? Well, there is another type of skiing that you can try and will surely spice up your typical ski vacation trips – monoskiing.

This type of skiing was invented in the 1950s. The […]

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Ski Vacation Tips: Go Green to Prevent Them From Melting

From Donald Soolar 

6 tips to save money on your ski vacation – ABC News ABC NewsABC News

Planning on a ski vacation this year? Why not consider skiing green this time. With Earth getting hotter than usual due to global warming, ski resorts are mostly affected by this change. At present, they are now […]

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Ski Vacation Threats: Understanding Shin Bang

From Donald Soolar 

DIY | The Playful Life

After long hours of skiing, there are skiers who experience pain radiating from their shins. If that happens to you during your ski vacation, you might just got “boot banged” while skiing. This condition is formally known as shin bang, or the hitting of the shins […]

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Wind-Kissed Skin: Tips on Avoiding Windburn on a Ski Vacation

From Donald Soolar 

25+ best images about Wind In The Air // Salty Hair on … PinterestPinterest

Aside from the possibility of getting caught in the middle of an avalanche and getting a frostbite during your ski vacation, here’s another threat that you should avoid: windburn. So what exactly is a windburn?

Windburn is the redness […]

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Ski Vacation Alert: Understanding Frostbite

From Donald Soolar 

Frostbite – Symptoms – NHS

During your ski vacation, long exposure to a cold environment may lead to frostbite. A frostbite is an injury caused by freezing of the skin and underlying tissues. Before you go to your vacation, it is important to first understand this injury.

Frostbite is common on the […]

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Facts About Ski Trips: Common Skiing Injuries

From Donald Soolar 

The Most Common Ski and Snowboard Injuries and How to …

Changes in modern ski equipment, improvements in slope design, and maintenance helped reduced the incidence of serious injuries. However, we must take note that there are still a significant number of ski injuries that can possibly occur during your ski […]

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