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Ten Tips to Teens on Coping With Parent’s Divorce

From John R. Morella, Ph.D. 

World’s 10 Most Divorced Nations

According to recent national statistics (National Institute of Mental Health) about 1.5 million children each year experience the divorce of their parents. With each decade, divorce rates have soared, which often lead to remarriage and more adjustments for today’s youth to step-sibs, half-sibs, and […]

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Holiday Tips for Recently Divorced Families

From Kevin Cadora 

Manage Students of Divorced Families

For some people it seems like the holidays and stress go together like turkey and stuffing. Between the family gatherings, gift shopping, busy work schedules and other time drains, it’s no wonder we often find ourselves exhausted and just looking for a break during the year’s […]

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5 Ways To Help Your Child Deal With Your Divorce

From Angela Kidd 

How to Help Children Through Divorce and Separation …

A divorce will affect all children involved whether we like it or not. Depending on the process and the circumstance of separation, the situation will affect the child differently. It’s your job as a parent to explain, guide and offer support to […]

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Bring Back Romance for Valentine’s Day and Every Day

From Kristen Wint 

Valentines day background with champagne and roses

As I write this I’m in survival mode, trying to work from home with two sick kids. I haven’t had a shower, one of them is coughing continually, and my nerves are fried. This is the perfect example of why moms find it difficult […]

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Divorce and Chinese Women

From Sam C Reeves

Woman wearing a cheongsam,Chinese classical costumes

If you are divorced and considering re-marriage to a Chinese woman there are probably some things you should know first. If you yourself, are not a native Chinese, you may have realized by now that Chinese women from mainland China, and Chinese culture itself, […]

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Focus on the Family: Dealing With Divorce

From Isaac Nunoofio

Manage Students of Divorced Families

The dissolution of a marriage is a very painful process. Your ability to manage properly the transition from being a married person to being single again can determine whether you can move on with your life quickly or whether your life may grind to a halt […]

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The Significance of Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer

From Nico B Rama

How Much Does Divorce Impact Emotional Security? | Isha …

Divorce cases are the most complicated, and more often than not, the most messy to deal with. For this reason, it is smart to seek the help of a good law firm when you’re going through this legal process. Finding […]

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Another Reason For The Failure Of Marriage

From Guy Blews

SONY DSC. divorce day | The Travelling Saleswoman Blog

I have been known to be extremely critical of marriage.

I have been heard to say that there are only two reasons for people to marry – fear and obligation.

Fear of losing someone, fear of not being able to control someone for the […]

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The Diary of an Unexpected Divorce

From Todd R Stolulonis

Unhappy with their arguments. Children Of Divorce: Study Finds Younger Children Feel …

I considered myself a romantic from a foregone error. I believed in love, when I first saw this beautiful woman from afar, I said there goes my future wife. I had to meet her and I found […]

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Weekends and Divorce – 5 Tips for Survival

From Judy Mastracchio

Alleviate Divorce Pain By Avoiding These 7 Common Mistakes

Clients who are divorcing or just divorced frequently find it is very difficult to get through the weekends, especially at first. That was a “together” time where things were done as a couple or as a family.

Here are five tips to help […]

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