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Domestic violence

Developing Control Over Anger at Home – 12 Tips

From Francis Edo Olotu

Peggyz Place: War against domestic violence

Different persons have different thresholds for anger depending on a person’s temperament and outlook to life. A person’s background and religious leaning also affect his/her response to provocation. Your ability to manage anger goes a long way in determining how people relate to you […]

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How to Spot an Abuser While Dating

From Rosy Anderson

Australia’s domestic violence shame revealed and how the …

The best time to spot an abuser is while you are dating them as you have been less exposed to the poison of their abuse and you will thus be less emotionally damaged by it. It is also easier to leave a […]

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False Link Between Domestic Violence and Personality Disorders

From Ilya Shambat 

Real Men Don’t Hit Women

There has been a widely believed myth that domestic violence is caused by personality disorders. This misperception is a simple result of research into domestic violence not getting a representative sample.

Academic centers are located in areas that are economically well off and socially liberal. The economically […]

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Raging Is Battle for Power and Control

From Kathryn Lee Ryder

How to spot the signs of domestic abuse – ITV News

Have you ever been the target of a person raging? Not a pleasant experience to say the least!

When I Googled the word “rage” I found definitions such as:

– Violent, explosive anger
– Furious intensity, as of a storm or disease
– […]

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Silence Is a Sin

From Julie H Levine

Tragic brown-eyed blonde has been silenced with tape gag

“…to remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all…”

–Elie Weisel

I’ve been a Soldiers’ Angel for many years now. Unfortunately my volunteer services have been needed for over eight years. Wish they weren’t anymore. I wish we had peace.

The women […]

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Female Aggression – Dealing With Trauma and After Effects

From Paolo Corti 

Domestic Violence Is Worse Than You Think — And It’s Got …

Female aggression

I have over the years whilst teaching self defense come across various situations whereby I’d been asked to teach women how to successfully defend themselves. It really is a difficult and delicate subject matter to handle. If the […]

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Reasons Why Many Instances of Domestic Violence Go Unreported

From Maria Judy Libardo Nagamos

Campaigners demand apology over ‘victim blaming’ – Channel …

Are you aware that rape between husband and wife actually happens? Yes! It does exist! But sad to say, these incidents were kept secret between the couple. Violence being committed to spouses has gone unreported all throughout the duration of […]

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Borderline Personality Disorder Abuse – What Connects Borderlines and Domestic Abuse?

From Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Kentucky Law Requires Domestic Violence Victim to Pay for …

What connects borderlines and abusive relationships? Answer: Boundary issues.

Individuals with a borderline personality disorder have significant issues with attachment. They cling to others…attaching themselves strongly, and then become intensely angry or hostile when they believe they are being wronged. […]

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