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Long distance

Find The Right Cross Cultural Dating Site

From Glen M Greenway

crosscultural – eharmony Dating Advice Site

In the old, repressive days of apartheid prior to Mandela’s release that lasted until about 1996, huge sectors of the black South African population would have had little access to computers, let alone any slick online dating service.

How have things changed for the better?

Today, […]

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No Love for China’s Educated Chinese Women

From John Abbot

Young People At Home, Lifestyle, Education And Technology …

In Shanghai’s People’s Park, outdoor marriage markets are held regularly; in fact, such events are common in many other parks all over China. Chinese singles, as well as parents of Chinese singles, flock to these markets to browse through and put up […]

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Cross Cultural Dating – How to Impress Thai Women

From Jimmy Tran

Meet thousands of beautiful single Thai brides online …

It’s not always easy to get along with some women but you might have a better chance if you think about how you are doing it. This is particularly the case when dating a Thai woman. You can impress Thai women if […]

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How to Date an Asian Girl

From Stephen Holmes

ID 42055 Dating pretty Asian lady Chuanzhi (Serena) from …

Traveling around Asia and living in Asia you come across a lot, and I mean a lot, of very beautiful ladies. If you are attracted to Asian girls you will find they have beautiful smiles, are very friendly and they like […]

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Long-Distance Cross-Culture Relationship Advice

From Anna Reco

Cross-Cultural Marriage Reveals the Secret to Becoming a …

Lindsey and Juo met while Lindsey was studying abroad at Ewah Woman’s University in Seoul, South Korea back in 2015. She was there to study for a full year when out of nowhere Juo sent her a message on Instagram. Lindsey was […]

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How to Plan a Visit With Your Long Distance Relationship Partner

From Deborah R. 

Long Distance Relationships: Ideas for Staying Close when …

Keeping your long distance relationship going through phone conversations, patience, and sheer will power is not going to be enough. Communicating via web cam is nice, but, you experience no sense of taste or smell. It is difficult for a long distance […]

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