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Characteristics of Russian Girls

From John AV Stevens When one thinks of Russian women, one can’t help but think of stunning supermodels dominating the catwalk with their captivating look. There are also those tales flying about concerning Russian women who have destroyed foreign men; sucking them in to providing money and passports. More specifically, one instantly thinks of old,…

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Epitome of Beauty and Poise – Mexican Mail Order Brides

From Tomas T. Men across the world are being mesmerized by the beauty and poise of Mexican mail order brides. Mexican women are famous across the globe for their good looks. In fact, they are considered to be the epitome of grace and perfection. They have become the desire of the modern man, who wants…

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Tips On Dating An Italian Woman

From Emilia Ciatti  Dating an Italian woman can be tricky, not because of her personality traits, but because, simply put, she’s not American. So here’s your first tip– If you’re going to date an Italian, you’ll need to think like one and that means letting go of some bad dating habits that Americans may be…

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Where to Find Your Asian Girl: Part 1 of 2

From Lori Abela Asian women tend to be better at dealing with multiple priorities without missing a beat, perhaps because – as conditioned by their family-oriented culture – they need to be dutiful daughters while performing other roles outside the household. Given these qualities, you may be wondering how and where to find your Asian…

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Where to Find Your Asian Girl: Part 2 of 2

From Lori Abela Sometimes, the question of where to find your Asian girl is a matter of knowing the right people, or getting into the right online dating sites or virtual communities. In this case, finding a soulmate could happen without you putting in a lot of legwork. Perhaps, a friend of a friend knows…

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Chinese Dating and Finding True Love

From Lori Abela Globalization has brought interracial dating to become more popular these days as more and more people move to China and vice-versa. Thanks to technology, dating expats has now become easier and cross-cultural relationships are flourishing more than ever. Chinese dating and finding true love is affected by this global shift in dating.…

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Japanese Girls – Why They Are So Cute!

From Tony Lajuan Alexander The list is long: pigeon-toed, squeaky voices, baby noises, giggly, cute make-up, air headed, pig tails, flower prints, pastel one-pieces, furry little stuffed dolls, and so on. The popular images shared around the world of Japanese girls is all about cuteness. There are many plausible theories floating around the internet on…

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