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Men’s Sexual Knowledge Is Acquired From Pornography

From  Jane E Thomas Today we have no official account of human sexuality. So men’s ‘sexual knowledge’ of how women enjoy sexual pleasure (how women are assumed to achieve orgasm) comes from pornography or other fictional sources intended to cause arousal. For example ‘squirting’ is completely fictional. Women do not truly ejaculate. Similarly although people…

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Sex and the Planets

From  Zour Gold Sex is the subject everyone finds interesting. Everyone. Always. Everywhere. Regardless of our cultural background, our profession, our age, sex remains a subject interesting and fascinating for all of us. As they say in advertising and marketing, sex sells. It sells, because sex is one of the most vital and enjoyable parts…

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The Importance Of Being Able To Express Yourself Sexually

From  May More It seems very obvious that now, more than ever before, older people seem scared to express themselves sexually. Women give the impression that they are worried about exposing that side to men. In return men are concerned that if they reveal their inner sexual needs they will be seen as anti-feminist. Society…

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Regularity of Intercourse Relies on Male Responsiveness

From  Jane E Thomas One might have expected that the regularity of intercourse would depend partly upon a woman’s interest in sex. In fact the rates of sexual outlet for married men who were adolescent before the age of twelve are about twice as high as men who were adolescent at a later age. This…

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G-Spot Mystery?

From  Jack Kane Do you know what the G-Spot is or how to find it? Today, it seems if you are not a G-Spot connoisseur you are not providing your lover the sexual satisfaction you think you are. What’s amusing is that many women do not know either. They are kind of sure they have…

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The Addictive Power of Pornography’s “Dopamine Rush”

From  Dorothy Hayden If you’re thinking of seeking porn addiction treatment, it is vital to grasp such important concepts as your brain’s biochemistry, how your brain has an effect on your addiction, and how viewing porn can cause changes in the brain. Understanding these ideas will allow you to obtain key skills that provide a…

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Clarifying Your Values: Vital Toots to Beat Sex Addiction

From  Dorothy Hayden Clarifying Your Values: Vital Tools to Quit Porn Addiction In sex addiction recovery and porn addiction treatment, there are several key tools that can assist you. Below are several such devices that should be closely adhered to in your recovery. The first important tool is to substitute destructive, obsessive behaviors with value-boosting…

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Is Internal Porn a Real Addiction?

From  Dorothy Hayden In today’s society, a large majority of the population still believes that only substances producing tolerance and withdrawal can lead to an addiction. As a sex addiction therapist, I’ve encountered many different articles and blog posts claiming that sex is an “excuse for bad behavior,” rather than an addiction. For example, after…

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Porn and the Lonely Bed Part I

From  Kirsten Rogoff Since 2002, I have been treating patients who either suffer from various forms of sex addiction/compulsion or the people who are intimately involved with them. I also have been working closely with those with what is known as “sexual anorexia”, a term broadly describing those who are not interested in sex… at…

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