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Dating Chinese Girls Do’s and Donts

From Sam C Reeves Due to cultural differences, dating a Chinese girl and getting anywhere at all can be an uphill battle at the best of times. Having dated a fair few Chinese girls I am so often asked what a guy should and shouldn’t do on a date with a Chinese girl. So, I…

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Hitting on a Chinese Girl in Chinese!

From Sam C Reeves So, there’s a Chinese girl you have in mind that you want to attract, or you want to have a few tricks up your sleeve should the opportunity present itself. That’s great, now firstly you should understand something with Chinese girls, it’s a rarity for them to find a guy who…

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Meeting Singles With Online Interracial Dating Sites

From David N Kamau Online interracial dating is a great option for singles wishing to meet new people from a different culture and race. It is easy to join and gives you the opportunity to look for potential partners with similar ideals and interests. Whether you are seeking a long-term romantic relationship or just casual…

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When in America, Date As American Women Do

From  Lori Abela  American women are as liberal in dating as they are with their civil rights. So when in America, date as American women do. Certainly, embracing the American way still has a lot to do with how much of your culturally-influenced values and beliefs you want to hold on to. The Americans’ dating…

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If Preselection Occurs in Women, What About Men?

From  James O Seeva You’ve probably heard of the theory of preselection in terms of females and mating. This is a theory that states that females of a species are more attracted to males of a species that already have other females around them for copulation. This has been documented in mammals and small birds.…

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How to Attract a Girl With “Touch Seduction”

From  Zac Laprie There is absolutely no way in the world that a woman is going to sleep with you without first establishing a reasonable level of non-creepy physical contact, i.e. subtle “touch seduction.” If your goal is to pick up women, don’t consider even kissing her without establishing some basic and casual level of touching first.…

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What Types Of Loneliness Are There?

From  David Giacomo In spite of the fact that you might you have never felt lonely or think you will never feel lonely, there probably isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t had this unpleasant feeling. Being lonely can often result in people feeling all sorts of unpleasant feelings, such as sadness, moodiness or…

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Many Boyfriends, One Daughter But No Husband

From  David Giacomo Even though many people think they have a problem with loneliness, being alone and being lonely are basically two completely different concepts. On one hand, there are people who strongly dislike being alone because they feel lonely as a result. On the other hand, there are also people who can be completely…

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