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Women’s Interests

Are the Indian Girls Safe?

From Anushree Nambiar 

Indian Muslims banned from Garba event for Hindu girls …

Are the Indian girls safe?

I am writing about the injustice faced by the women in our country because from the past three- four years I have been reading and listening about minimum 2 to 3 atrocities faced by women regularly and […]

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What Are My Chances Of Getting Pregnant After 40?

From Kathleen Boyd 

11 Celebrities Who Got Pregnant Over 40

For many women who wish to have a family, the decreased fertility associated with getting older is a significant concern. It is not uncommon for women to refer to hearing their biological clock ‘ticking’, and many can feel pressured to try and get pregnant […]

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10 Reasons Why Pole Dancing Is The Best Way to Exercise

From Yana Yakovleva 

ADVANCE FOR RELEASE SATURDAY, NOV. 9, 2013, AND THEREAFTER – In this October 2013 photo, Pole Dance Fitness studio owner Lucy Howard, front, and students Rebecca Piekanski, middle, and Alex Laver demonstrate some poses taught by Howard at the studio, in Scranton, Pa. The studio is the first in the […]

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How to Lose Weight During Perimenopause

From Haley Robbins 

Image of Menopause and Exercise from

It’s no secret most women struggle with putting on extra, unwanted pounds as they approach “the change”. This issue leads women desperate to figure out how to lose weight during perimenopause.

Weight gain is probably one of the more annoying problems premenopausal women face. Besides […]

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Perimenopause and Insomnia-What You Need to Know

From Haley Robbins  

5 Signs of Menopause — What Are the Signs of Menopause. Photo from Women’s day

“There is no effective drug for your type of insomnia.”

That’s what my doctor said when I came to see him about my condition.

To be more accurate, I believe it was something like, “There’s nothing you can […]

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Natural Herbal Remedies For Menopausal Relief

From Vernessie M Joseph-Burbank 

Image of Food For Menopausal Women from

Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs when a woman’s menstruate cycle and childbearing years has ended and marks the beginning of menopause. For many women that can be a good thing. Menopause can occur at age 40 or 50, but […]

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Emotionally Dealing With a Decreased Libido During Menopause

From Sezer Turhan 

Image of Sex during Menopause from

Women entering the menopause period usually think that their sexual lives are over. Menopause entry, however, is not synonymous with the completion of the teeth, but it is now reported that the menstrual cycle is the end and the menstrual cycle is the end. […]

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Different Options For Breast Enlargement – Which One Is Right For You?

From Pankaj Singhal 

Breast augmentation natural Scottsdale Phoenix Arizona Tempe

For quite some time now, bosom augmentation has been among the top most preferred surgical procedures. Remarkable developments and enhancements in methods have propelled this type of cosmetic surgery, making it significantly more available with less downtime and more customised alternatives for women.

Let’s take […]

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New Menopause Study: Vitamin D Builds Muscle Strength

From Jobee Knight 

Research studies on the benefits of vitamin D for post-menopausal women have had conflicting results, with some showing no benefit and others showing great benefits for muscle, bone, reduced falls and lower fracture risk. Now a new study has emerged from researchers in Sao Paulo Brazil which has conclusively shown that vitamin […]

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