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Menopause HRT

How to Lose Weight During Perimenopause

From Haley Robbins 

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It’s no secret most women struggle with putting on extra, unwanted pounds as they approach “the change”. This issue leads women desperate to figure out how to lose weight during perimenopause.

Weight gain is probably one of the more annoying problems premenopausal women face. Besides […]

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Perimenopause and Insomnia-What You Need to Know

From Haley Robbins  

5 Signs of Menopause — What Are the Signs of Menopause. Photo from Women’s day

“There is no effective drug for your type of insomnia.”

That’s what my doctor said when I came to see him about my condition.

To be more accurate, I believe it was something like, “There’s nothing you can […]

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Natural Herbal Remedies For Menopausal Relief

From Vernessie M Joseph-Burbank 

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Menopause is a natural biological process that occurs when a woman’s menstruate cycle and childbearing years has ended and marks the beginning of menopause. For many women that can be a good thing. Menopause can occur at age 40 or 50, but […]

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Emotionally Dealing With a Decreased Libido During Menopause

From Sezer Turhan 

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Women entering the menopause period usually think that their sexual lives are over. Menopause entry, however, is not synonymous with the completion of the teeth, but it is now reported that the menstrual cycle is the end and the menstrual cycle is the end. […]

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New Menopause Study: Vitamin D Builds Muscle Strength

From Jobee Knight 

Research studies on the benefits of vitamin D for post-menopausal women have had conflicting results, with some showing no benefit and others showing great benefits for muscle, bone, reduced falls and lower fracture risk. Now a new study has emerged from researchers in Sao Paulo Brazil which has conclusively shown that vitamin […]

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Control Menopause Brain Fog Using These 5 Methods

From Tony Chester Miller 

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While temporary, cognitive dysfunction during menopause can reduce the quality of life and health performance.

Menopause provides an unpleasant turn of events in women. During this stage, women’s sex hormones drop dramatically, causing a tailspin in their physical, mental and emotional well-being. While symptoms […]

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Do You Have Issues With Menopausal Skin Problems?

From Victoria Winnard 

Tips for Better Skin After Menopause

While most women are familiar with some menopause symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain or hot flashes, most are unaware of “joys” of menopause skin.

Changes in the skin start during years immediately preceding menopause. That is when women first notice symptoms such as thinning of […]

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Holistic Medicine’s Approach To Menopause

From Ron Sauciron 

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Every woman is going to go through the normal phase of the aging process called Menopause. It occurs when her ovaries no longer produce an egg every month. She no longer has her monthly period and she subsequently ceases to be reproductive. It’s often […]

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Pueraria Mirifica for Hormone Replacement Therapy

From Mat Rogers 

Image of Hormone Replacement Therapy from

Pueraria Mirifica is considered to be a miracle herb. It has health benefits for women. It is a natural way of achieving relief from common health problems of women, and its main health benefits include relief from menopause, natural breast enhancement etc., besides other […]

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