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Self defense

Are the Indian Girls Safe?

From Anushree Nambiar 

Indian Muslims banned from Garba event for Hindu girls …

Are the Indian girls safe?

I am writing about the injustice faced by the women in our country because from the past three- four years I have been reading and listening about minimum 2 to 3 atrocities faced by women regularly and […]

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Self Defense Basics – The Use of Non-Lethal Weapons

From Cori Baker

Editable vector silhouette of a woman defending herself from a man trying to snatch her bag

Many people have realized the importance of learning self defense techniques and it is a very positive thing. Crime rates need to go down as low as possible in order for all to live in harmony […]

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Basic Self Defense for Women

From Cori Baker

Image of Formal Training in Self Defense from

It is no secret that those who are prone to attacks are women. In almost all places all over the globe, crime rates concerning women are higher most of the time. That should be given due attention and should be lessened, if not […]

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Personal Safety Tips for Single Women

From Cori Baker

Image of a Concealed Handgun for Women from

Women should take their personal safety seriously. There are several instances when they can become victimized. They have to be prepared at all times. They need to be able to protect themselves if the need arises.

Be conscious of what you are wearing. The […]

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Keeping Personal Security a Top Priority

From Cori Baker

Image of Lock Your Doors for Safety from

While all of us give importance to a lot of different things in our lives, most of us will agree that one of our top priorities is having total or absolute personal security. Safety is always very important for most people and it […]

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How to Safely Use Stun Guns

From Cori Baker

Image of Pink Stun Gun from

One of the most popular ways to employ self defense these days is the use of modern self defense methods. More and more people prefer to use them since they provide a lot of benefits. Among the most popular is the stun gun. Much like […]

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Proper Use of Pepper Spray or MACE(C)

From Douglas Harper

Images of Lipstick Pepper Spray from

When using pepper spray we must consider several things, such as timing, aiming, shooting and shielding your eyes from blow-back in wind. If possible you should be standing balanced on both feet. You should warn the potential attacker by waving your free hand and shouting […]

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You Don’t Have to Be a Black Belt to Defend Yourself

From Paul Baker

Image of Sexual Assault Prevention from

Why martial arts training won’t help you

Unless you attend several times a week for a few years practicing a style or technique it wont help you defend yourself. Training against other practitioners only teach you to defend against attackers using certain rehearsed techniques. Attackers in […]

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Practice Does Make Perfect

From Victor C Swindell

Image of How to defend yourself from

A few years ago I was enrolled in a FREE Tae-Kwon-Do class at a local gym. I mastered the still up to up to Green belt, and then life happened. You can probably identify with this. Life get busy, priorities get shifted, and […]

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How to Buy The Best Pepper Spray For Self Defense

From Christine Howatt

Image of pepper spray from

No one wants to carry pepper spray. But it’s a necessity these days. Non lethal self defense sprays are the most affordable and the easiest way to protect yourself or a loved one.

You can buy pepper spray online from a reputable online store or on eBay, or you […]

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