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Dating Chinese Girls Do’s and Donts

From Sam C Reeves Due to cultural differences, dating a Chinese girl and getting anywhere at all can be an uphill battle at the best of times. Having dated a fair few Chinese girls I am so often asked what a guy should and shouldn’t do on a date with a Chinese girl. So, I…

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Handling The Challenges of a Cross-Cultural Relationship

From Ram Gupta We have heard it said so often that the world is becoming smaller. A natural implication is that people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds are coming closer to each other and getting more opportunity to mingle. In this scenario, cross-cultural relationships have become fairly common, and so have cross-cultural ‘failed’ relationships.…

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Hitting on a Chinese Girl in Chinese!

From Sam C Reeves So, there’s a Chinese girl you have in mind that you want to attract, or you want to have a few tricks up your sleeve should the opportunity present itself. That’s great, now firstly you should understand something with Chinese girls, it’s a rarity for them to find a guy who…

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How To Master The Thai Kiss

From Drew Patterson Let’s say you’re on vacation and choose to stay on the beautiful Thailand island of Ko Samui. You’ve been here for a couple of days and met a nice Thai girl at one of the local bars. The next night, you and your Thai companion go out to eat at a romantic…

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Meeting Singles With Online Interracial Dating Sites

From David N Kamau Online interracial dating is a great option for singles wishing to meet new people from a different culture and race. It is easy to join and gives you the opportunity to look for potential partners with similar ideals and interests. Whether you are seeking a long-term romantic relationship or just casual…

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Characteristics of Russian Girls

From John AV Stevens When one thinks of Russian women, one can’t help but think of stunning supermodels dominating the catwalk with their captivating look. There are also those tales flying about concerning Russian women who have destroyed foreign men; sucking them in to providing money and passports. More specifically, one instantly thinks of old,…

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Japan: Not Just Another Disaster

From Karen Tallkat Conley  “There’s no disaster that can’t become a blessing and no blessing that can’t become a disaster.” Richard Bach The world watches in horror as Japan endures the incredible triple whammy trifecta of earthquake, followed by tsunami and nuclear emergency. It you didn’t know you were watching news reports, the televised images…

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Tips For Planning An Interfaith Marriage

From Salma Owais Interfaith marriages refer to the marriages of people who belong to distinct religions and cultures. They do not accept each other’s religious norms, ideologies and beliefs but otherwise want to marry each other. There are some religions which forbids inter faith marriages while others do not put any restriction on it. In…

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