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3 Bowling Tips for Beginners – Let the Fun Begin!

From Gary Oakes Have you been a casual, occasional, or recreational bowler for some time now? Maybe you finally decided to take the plunge and join your first league. Perhaps you crumbled under the peer pressure from your office mates and joined the company bowling team? Whatever the case may be, there is help out…

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Power Up Your Bowling – Understand Your Brain

From Cyril Tan  Today we are going to talk about your brain. A lot of people simply do not understand their brain fully and manipulate their brain to their advantage. People generally only understood that their brain weighs approximately 31 lbs, it is divided into two halfs, a right and a left, each half of…

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Bowling Tips for an Effective Spin

From Rose Tyler  In order to be a good bowler it is very important to learn to spin the ball. When talking about 10-pin bowling, deliveries come in two categories. Straight shots are the fundamental shots in bowling and hook shots are a little more advanced. You need to master both to become a great…

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Bowling: A Great Way To Create Lifelong Friends

From Bobby J Sitterly   There aren’t many things that bond people together stronger than having a common interest. This holds true especially for bowling. Bowling has afforded me the opportunity to create great friends that will last a lifetime. I have lived in four different states in my life. I turn 30 this year. It…

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Are Bowling Alleys Still Family Friendly?

From Bobby J Sitterly   Spending time together at the bowling alley as a family used to be a very common thing. This phenomenon may be slowly dying out for various reasons. The price of bowling has increased significantly just like everything else and there are certain times where you don’t want to take your small…

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My Most Embarrassing Bowling Moment

From Bobby J Sitterly  I’ve been able to compete at the highest level in bowling, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my fair share of embarrassing moments on the lanes. And, my most embarrassing moment came in my first tournament at the highest level. I joined the Professional Bowlers Association a few years…

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How Bowling Lanes Are Oiled

From Bobby J Sitterly  Don’t get mad when the foul light goes off. Bowling alleys have a reason for not wanting you to go past the foul line on the approach. There is oil out on the lane. It is slippery. If you try to walk down that lane, you will fall. It will not…

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Learning To Bowl Is Fun For All Ages

From Mark J Hackmann  With so many different activities available today why should learning to bowl be one of those? Bowling is a fun sport that can be played year round, great in the winter when it is really cold outside and great in the summer when those temperatures and humidity become unbearable. Anyone can…

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